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Freight Trucking Service Areas of Freight Rate Central

The Freight Rate Central provides freight shipping, trucking, and heavy haul freight transportation services in the following trucking service areas:

Freight Rate Central Service Areas

View the lanes and states of freight trucking service areas that we are able to provide freight transportation services through.The Freight Rate Central’s dynamic and vast network allows you access to thousands of the best and most reliable freight companies, trucking companies, shipping companies, common carriers and motor freight carriers. We provide only the best freight shipping and trucking services from and to any point within the continental United States.
Freight Rate Central can arrange for shipping throughout the continental US: by truck, by airplane and by whatever other means are necessary. We find the right route and the right carriers to get freight to its destination on budget and on schedule.

Nationwide Freight Shipping Lanes

The interstate highway system connects the 48 contiguous US states and makes road travel quick and efficient. Most freight is transported by truck, and dry vans – trucks with shipping boxes in tow or attached – are the most common type of transport. High volumes of commercial freight are shipped on the interstates every day, and it’s our job to help clients make the most efficient use of that shipping capacity. We connect freight with thousands of carriers across the country, helping to ensure that trucks are filled to capacity, with big shipments scheduled efficiently and small shipments combined for greater economy.

Interstate Freight

We can manage interstate shipments, making sure that every segment of the journey complies with state regulations and all the paperwork is in order. Every state has its own rules for managing the transport of goods, and we work with our carriers to make sure that there will be no delays or complications during shipment. Our customers know that we will inform them of all costs upfront and deliver the transport services they need, on schedule and according to plan. Our computer systems help to ensure that there will be no surprises, no matter how long or complex the route.

Across the State or Across the Country

Freight rate central can ship goods across the country, from the East coast to the West coast and back, but we can also arrange for the shipment of materials and equipment within your state. Since we provide a wider range of shipment options than many of our competitors, we have many clients in agriculture, construction and manufacturing. Our carriers have specialized trucks that can handle the most bulky, heavy and awkwardly shaped shipments, and we can transport them locally and in-state as well as interstate. See our articles on Trucking Types for more details.
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