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Michigan Freight Quotes

If you need to ship goods to, from or through this state, then get a free instant online Michigan freight quotes. Our quotations are fast and fully automated, and we think you’ll be impressed by our low rates for Michigan shipping. Our quotation system can give you an estimate for full truckload, less than a truckload or international shipping. Freight Rate Central can arrange for Michigan trucking that’s in-state, interstate and international.

Michigan Roads

Michigan’s most important Interstates are I-94, I-69, I-96 and I-75. It also has an extensive state highway network. Don’t forget that crossing between the lower and upper peninsulas means traversing the five-mile-long Mackinac Bridge, which can be hazardous in high winds and snow.


Michigan Industry

Michigan Trucking CompaniesAn industrial powerhouse, Michigan exported $22.5 billion worth of goods worldwide in 2010. General Motors and Ford, both based in Metro Detroit, are the seventh and eighth largest corporations in the US. Michigan is also home to Dow Chemical, Whirlpool, Lear, Kellogg, DTE Energy, Steelcase, Herman Miller, Kelly Services and countless automotive suppliers. Many of our Michigan clients are involved in the automotive, chemical or furniture industries.

Michigan Trucking To California, Texas and More

Trucking Companies MIBecause of its nationally important automotive industry, Michigan trucking to Texas, California and other faraway states is in high demand. The most frequent destinations for Michigan trucking are Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, but Michigan ships freight nationwide. With its population of 10 million people, it’s also a popular destination. Michigan also ships a large volume of freight to Canada. Detroit’s Ambassador Bridge, which spans between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario is the busiest border crossing between the two countries. MDOT, the Michigan Department of Transportation, provides a Crossing Guide for Commercial Truck Drivers. Please refer to it for information on issues such as customs clearance, hazardous materials and the physical limitations of the border crossings.

Michigan Trucking Rules and Regulations

The legal travel times for Michigan trucking are between sunrise and sunset, with half an hour’s leniency. The more densely populated areas of the state have official rush hours between 7:00 and 9:00am and between 3:00 and 6:00pm. Michigan trucking is restricted in some weather conditions and disallowed if winds exceed 24mph. You can find out about seasonal weight restrictions on local roads from the County Road Association of Michigan, and MDOT has a list of holiday travel restrictions on their website. In Michigan, standard trucks have the following maximum specs:

  • length: 75’-0”, 50’-0” trailer
  • width: 96” or 102” on designated roads
  • height: 13’-6”
  • weight: 80,000 pounds

Michigan grants Trucking and Transport Permits to overweight and oversize vehicles under 150 feet long, or 105 feet long for mobile homes. The maximum width for a routine classification is 16 feet and the maximum height is 15 feet. Trucks that exceed the specifications for overweight and oversize may be classified as superloads. Please see the Michigan state government’s guide to Maximum Legal Truck Loadings and Dimensions. Pilot cars are required for large trucks in the state of Michigan. Trucks over 90’-0” long, 12’-0” wide and/or 14’-5” tall require one or two pilot cars. Moving Oversize or Overweight Vehicles and Loads, available on the MDOT website, gives all the details.

Michigan Trucking Companies & Service Points from Freight Rate Central

Our LTL Freight Carriers and FTL Trucking Partners In Michigan include:

  • Detroit, MI Trucking Companies
  • Detroit, MI Freight Companies
  • Grand Rapids, MI Trucking Companies
  • Grand Rapids, MI Freight Companies
  • Warren, MI Trucking Companies
  • Warren, MI Freight Companies
  • Flint, MI Trucking Companies
  • Flint, MI Freight Companies
  • Sterling Heights, MI Trucking Companies
  • Sterling Heights, MI Freight Companies
  • Lansing, MI Trucking Companies
  • Lansing, MI Freight Companies
  • Ann Arbor, MI Trucking Companies
  • Ann Arbor, MI Freight Companies
  • Livonia, MI Trucking Companies
  • Livonia, MI Freight Companies
  • Dearborn, MI Trucking Companies
  • Dearborn, MI Freight Companies
  • Clinton, MI Trucking Companies
  • Clinton, MI Freight Companies

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