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Specialized Trailer Types

While Freight Rate Central ships millions of tons of goods and equipment via refrigerated trailers, dry vans and flatbed trailers every year, many of our customers rely on us for less common, specialized trailers, too. Many of our clients need to arrange for the delivery of odd-sized, heavy-weight freight or other specialized shipping jobs. This non-traditional service ensures that our customers never need to overextend themselves or lose productivity due to oversized shipping complications or restrictions.

The specialized shipping that we offer is required for a number of our clients’ verticals, including equipment manufacturing, construction, heavy equipment manufacturing, commercial vehicles, tanks, large crates, loads over the legal clearance height of 8’-6”, machinery, utility vehicles, oil and gas equipment and other overweight and oversized freight. If you are in need of freight services with a specialized trailer, you can use our online tool today for an immediate quote.

Types of Specialized Trailers

We offer a wide range of specialized trailers to ensure that our customers get the transportation services they need—when they need them. This includes:

1. RGN – Removable Gooseneck Trailers

• RGN trailers, or Removable Gooseneck Trailers, are specialized trailers for loads of freight that are both long and tall. Due to the detachable front ramp, our RGN trailers offer relatively easy access. These trailers can range between three and 20 axles, depending on your weight needs. They can carry up to 150,000 pounds with the appropriate number of axles. RGN trailers, or Removable Gooseneck trailers, are usually 8’-6” wide, with each of their three decks having a different length. Typically:

• Main Deck: maximum 29’-0” in length (11’-6” in height)

• Front Deck: maximum 10’-0” in length (8’-6” in height)

• Rear Deck: maximum 9’-0” in length (10’-0” in height)

*For extra-long freight shipments, stretch RGN trailers are available.*

2. Step Deck Trailers

• Step deck trailers, also known as drop deck trailers, are a specialized trailer designed to carry items similar to those shipped in flatbeds—but that are taller than the average load. Step deck trailers offer a taller load height without compromising weight restrictions or load capacity, as they can carry up to 48,000 pounds. The freight dimensions of step deck trailers are up to 37’-0” in length for the bottom deck and 11’-0” in length for the top deck. For longer loads, stretch single drop deck trailers, stretch double drop trailers and extendable double drop trailers are available.

3. Low Boy Trailers

• A low boy trailer is a common freight-hauling trailer and is the second most common type after standard flatbed trailers. Lowboy trailers are used regularly to transport large machinery and equipment and oversized construction items, as they can carry a significantly taller load than their flatbed counterparts. With lowboy trailer transportation services, you can haul goods, materials and equipment up to 40,000 pounds. These trailers have maximum dimensions of 29’-0” long, a 24” well height and a legal load height of 13’-6”.

4. Stretch Flatbed Trailers

• A stretch flatbed trailer is a specialized trailer used for carrying extremely long loads, and it is most commonly used when shipping construction materials like piping and tubing. Their maximum freight weight is 43,000 pounds, and stretch flatbed trailers can accommodate loads up to 80’-0” long and around 8’-6” wide.

5. Side kit Trailers

• Side kit trailers are specialized trailers with removable plywood or fiberglass-style walls and tent-like covers. They are designed to carry unpackaged and uncrated goods and can carry up to 45,000 pounds. They have a maximum height of 8’-6” and a maximum main deck length of 53’-0”.

6. Multi Axle Overweight Freight Trailers

• Overweight freight trailers are designed to carry especially heavy loads. Multi Axle RGN Trailers bear freight loads of 200,000 or more pounds, and the trailer can expand from 3 axles up to 20 axles for the heaviest of shipments.

If you have an oversized, overweight or other type of shipment that can’t be hauled on a traditional flatbed trailer, then you need a specialized trailer, and Freight Rate Central can help. Use our “get a quote” button for a live quote on shipping your goods, machinery or materials using a specialized trailer.

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