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Freight Rate Central is your source for discounted Wyoming trucking and shipping throughout the state, if you are planning on shipping through or to West Virginia then why not ask us for a quote? Freight Rate Central can arrange for trucking that’s local or interstate and our quotes are calculated instantly, online. We can arrange transport for almost any type of freight in West Virginia; we’ve got many specialized options available. The first step is to get a free, instant online quote using our fully automated system. It can give you an estimate for a full truckload, or less than a truckload shipment.

West Virginia History

West Virginia is a state that lies on the Eastern side of the United States, the state was formed in 1861 after some unionist counties of northwestern Virginia decided to separate from Virginia to form a new state during the American Civil War. West Virginia was admitted to the union in 1863, during the war West Virginia remained a key border state, and was the only state to be formed by separating from a Confederate state. West Virginia lies in the Appalachian mountains, in fact it is the only state in the United States to lay completely within a mountain range, thus being referred to as the “Mountain State”.  West Virginia is a popular place for tourism, from mountain ranges, caves, whitewater, and skiing, West Virginia draws a large part of its income from travelers.

West Virginia Industry

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West Virginia is one of the top coal producers in the United States, second only to Wyoming, coal fired power plants in the state create a surplus of electricity, leading the nation in interstate electricity exporting. West Virginia also sits on top of the Shale Natural Gas bed, which allows the state to produce 15% of the nations fossil fuel energy.

West Virginia  Shipping and Trucking to Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio and More

Flatbed Trucks CaliforniaThere are several main highways that cross through West Virginia, the I-64 enters the east side of the state in the mountainous area exiting through the west side of the state into Kentucky. The I-77 travels north from Virginia and enters the south side of West Virginia continuing North before crossing into Ohio. The I-68 comes in through Maryland and connects to the I-79 which enters from the northern end of the state through Pennsylvania, the I-79 continues on through West Virginia where it meets with the I-64 and I-77 in Charleston.

West Virginia Trucking Rules and Regulations

Millions of pounds of goods are transported daily to provide homes and businesses with the supplies they need to keep the economy and helping to sustain employment throughout the country. West Virginia is no stranger to commercial truck traffic, these vehicles travel millions of miles each day driving from coast to coast through the state of West Virginia on interstate 64, which happens to run through the states capital.

The rules and regulations for transportation in West Virginia are fairly standard, some states have heavy travel restrictions for times and days, for a list of legal sizes and weights for commercial vehicles traveling through West Virginia, you can find it on their department of transportation website.

Just like any other state in the United States, West Virginia has it own specific rules, regulations, and permit requirements that need to be followed depending on the specific type of load that will need to be transported through the state.

Freight Rate Central West Virginia Freight Trucking Service Points

Our LTL Freight Carriers and FTL Trucking Partners In Wyoming include:

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