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If you’re wondering how you’re going to ship a load of machinery, a huge art installation or miscellaneous items of palletized freight that needs to be covered and protected from the elements, then you need a Conestoga trailer, and you need to call Freight Rate Central. We can help you find a carrier in your area that has Conestoga trailers to haul your dry freight and equipment.

If you’ve got out-of-the-ordinary items, then you have specialized shipping needs. Freight Rate Central can help you find the freight carrier that has the perfect trailer for your cargo; we work with carriers that offer the one-and-only Conestoga trailer. Freight Rate Central can connect you with a freight company that offers the right Conestoga trailer for your shipping needs at the lowest available cost.

Freight Rate Central Can Provide Conestoga Trailers

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Freight Rate Central, the only online shipping logistics destination that offers real instant online quotes, works with more than a thousand freight carriers to help you ship your items, no matter how big the load. Freight Rate Central offers high-end and Class A services that make your freight shipping needs easy, no matter how unusual the freight, and you can get free, accurate rate quotes 24/7 without waiting for a representative to email you — it’s as simple as visiting the Freight Rate Central website.

What are the Typical Specs For Conestoga Trailers?

The Conestoga trailer, made by Aero Industries, features an innovative sliding tarp design that covers your precious cargo without damaging the items underneath. This protects the finish or moving parts on your goods and equipment by making it unnecessary to move them in and out of a dry van or container.

Your cargo will be covered by a durable tarp-on-frame cover that rolls back when it reaches its destination, allowing delivery personnel to access your cargo from three sides of the trailer. Items stay safe and secure during the trip and are easy to unload when they’ve been dropped off, reducing the risk of damage during transport and delivery.

The Conestoga flatbed trailer system is designed for large items or loads, and that’s what it is typically used for. The maximum freight weight for most Conestoga trailers is 42,000 to 45,000 pounds, with the length of a large trailer between 48’-0” and 53’-0”. As Conestoga tarp systems are used with standard flatbed trailers, the width is the standard 8’-2” and the height is the standard 8’-0”

How are Conestoga Trailers Used?

From heavy equipment to playground equipment to sophisticated machinery, a Conestoga flatbed trailer system is what’s called for when you’ve got a massive load that needs specialized shipping. When you’re stumped as to how to ship a large item without damaging it, then a Conestoga trailer is the freight trailer you need, and Freight Rate Central is here to help you find the freight carrier that can get your item or items to the destination safely and quickly. Freight Rate Central has no restrictions on freight size or weight — big or small, our carriers handle it all, even if it’s a difficult load or needs special care. Let Freight Rate Central help you to find the right carrier for your odd-sized or specialized load, matching you with a carrier with experience transporting items in Conestoga Trailers.

Conestoga Trailers: Typical Variations

Conestoga trailers are made for items that can’t be shipped in dry vans or other container-type flatbed trailers, due to size considerations or loading/unloading needs. These trailers are perfect for items that need flatbed trailer shipping, but have to be protected from the rain, snow or sun and from damage due to road debris, dust or contact with unsupported tarps. The Conestoga’s rolling tarp-on-frame system is made for protecting oversized and specialized loads, keeping them safe from the elements without compromising delicate machinery, paint, finishes or other features of your cargo that might be damaged if a tarp is simply thrown over the load. Let Freight Rate Central help you find a carrier in your area that’s equipped with Conestoga trailers.

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