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Utah Freight Quotes

Searching for reliable, affordable Utah freight quotes and trucking rates to, from or through the state is simple with Freight Rate Central’ online instant freight quote generator. Whether you need to move a full load, LTL or specialist consignment, Freight Rate Central can search a range of Utah freight companies to offer instant pricing and scheduling.

Utah Terrain and WeatherUtah Freight Quotes

Almost all of Utah’s nearly three million inhabitants live among the valleys of the Wasatch Front. As a result, much of the state is largely uninhabited and unspoiled. To the west of the I-15, the landscape is broadly desert. To the south and east, the soft sandstone has been etched by wind and weather over time to form stunning natural sculptures. Dotted throughout the state are pine forests, valleys and basins.

The climate is semi-arid or desert, with moisture coming chiefly from Pacific Ocean storms or Gulf of California monsoons. Winter inversions are common, especially around the basins, causing haze and freezing fog. Tornados are unusual, but wildfires are increasingly common due to the high summer temperatures and dry climate.

Utah Industry

Utah Trucking Companies

Innovative and knowledge-based, Utah has a diverse and dynamic economic landscape. As a result, Utah freight companies deal with a wide array of cargoes and transport goods across the USA. Tourism is also a major industry in Utah, with visitors attracted by the accessible but scenic landscape and the ski resorts near Salt Lake City.

Utah Shipping and Trucking to Texas, Colorado, Illinois and More

Trucking Companies UT

Around 70 percent of the goods shipped in Utah are transported by road. As well as regularly trading goods with neighboring states such as Idaho, Colorado, Nevada and Wyoming, Utah freight companies also regularly transport goods to and from Washington, North Dakota, Texas, Georgia and California. UDOT’s motor carrier website has useful and up-to-date information to enable freight companies to purchase permits and plan shipping routes.

Utah Industry

Utah is notorious for having numerous, and not always clearly expressed, trucking regulations. Please check the Utah Truckers’ Handbook for detailed advice. In general, travel times are sunrise to sunset during the working week, with half an hour’s grace. Loads over 92’-0” long, 10’-0” wide or 14’-0” high cannot travel during peak hours (Monday through Friday 6:00  to 9:00am and 3:30 to 6:00pm) in most of the state’s cities.

A legal load in Utah is defined as:

  • • Length: Trailers 48′-0” on some routes and 53′-0” on others.
  • • Width: 8’-6”
  • • Height: 14’-0”
  • • Weight: 80,000 pounds (20,000 pounds single, 34,000 pounds tandem)
  • • Overhang: 3′-0” in the front and 6′-0” in the rear

Overweight loads are defined in Utah as:

  • • Length: Up to 90′-0” on a single unit and 110′-0” on a combined unit.  Shipments over 81′-0” are subject to weather restrictions.
  • • Width: Up to 18′-0”
  • • Height: 17′-0”
  • • Weight: Total gross weight is determined by axle configurations. For loads exceeding 150,000 pounds, expect permit issuance delays.
  • • Escorts:  All loads in excess of 175′-0” in length MUST have a police escort. Loads in excess of 200′-0” need two police escorts.

Mobile homes in excess of 16’-0” wide are considered on a case-by-case basis.

The Utah DOT regularly closes its roads to freight traffic, particularly on weekends and after holidays. If a holiday falls on a Friday, all freight travel stops by 2:00pm on Thursday and does not resume until Tuesday. Utah DOT further restricts oversize travel during periods of high traffic, for example during the first week of hunting season and during poor weather conditions.

Utah Roads

Utah is bisected north to south by I-15, providing a direct link to neighbors Nevada to the south and Idaho to the north. Other interstate routes connect the state to Wyoming and Colorado to the north and east and eastern Nevada to the west. Arizona is Utah’s southern neighbor and the state also shares a four-corner border with New Mexico.

As well as the major artery of I-15, Utah is served by I-80 and I-84 in the north and I-70 in the west. Utah has a large number of bridge restrictions that must be checked before planning a route.

Utah Trucking Companies & Service Points for Freight Rate Central Clients

Our LTL Freight Carriers and FTL Trucking Partners In Utah include:

  • Salt Lake City, UT Trucking Companies
  • Salt Lake City, UT Freight Companies
  • West Valley City, UT Trucking Companies
  • West Valley City, UT Freight Companies
  • Provo, UT Trucking Companies
  • Provo, UT Freight Companies
  • West Jordan, UT Trucking Companies
  • West Jordan, UT Freight Companies
  • Orem, UT Trucking Companies
  • Orem, UT Freight Companies
  • Sandy, UT Trucking Companies
  • Sandy, UT Freight Companies
  • Ogden, UT Trucking Companies
  • Ogden, UT Freight Companies
  • Saint George, UT Trucking Companies
  • Saint George, UT Freight Companies
  • Layton, UT Trucking Companies
  • Layton, UT Freight Companies
  • Millcreek, UT Trucking Companies
  • Millcreek, UT Freight Companies

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