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Freight Rates: bringing together businesses and solid, dependable, and affordable freight transportation solutions… Its all about the handshake. No one understands better than we do that shipping freight is time sensitive. When you need to get a load of freight moved from point A to point B as quickly as possible, you don’t want to waste too much time looking for the best possible freight shipping rates. That’s where we come in. Freight Rate Central specializes in matching you up with the right freight shipping or trucking service for your needs. Our services even include a quick, reliable and easy to use Freight Rates Quoting Tool.

Freight Rate Central can find whatever type of freight shipping service you require, whether that means a specialized trailer truck, moving a full truckload, arranging for a Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipment or even shipping loads internationally. We can find you the right equipment and specialists for almost any job.

Freight cost is an extremely important consideration for every businesses we work with. A difference of even a few pennies per pound can mean the difference between staying on budget and scrapping a project—or losing a client. The good news about freight cost is that there is an exact formula to calculate freight. This formula gives you control over the cost of your shipments, your overall budget and your bottom line. To get the specifics for your shipment, use our instant web-based freight rate quoting system; to find out more about how freight quotes are generated, read on.

How Can We Offer Such Low Freight Rates?

Shipping Cost

We care about your business, and are committed to making it grow by offering the best freight rates around! The cost of freight shipping services can vary pretty significantly depending on your needs; an insulated and refrigerated trailer is going to be more expensive than a simple flatbed, for example. However, we can find you the right service provider for the job, and we can also get you a better deal with the trucking company based on the volume of our business. We’ll find you a very competitively priced service that can move your cargo quickly and dependably.

We can get you a fast and accurate quote because we maintain close business relationships with a wide variety of shipping companies, local and national, large and small. We can find almost any service that you need, and it will be performed by a company that’s fast, reliable, and professional. We at Freight Rate Central try our best to keep doing business with the same shipping companies, because being a regular business partner to them helps ensure that we get the best freight shipping rates and service available, and we pass that on to our clients.

Whatever kind of shipping solution you’re looking for, Freight Rate Central can help you find the right shipping service to get your cargo shipped quickly and safely at the best possible price point. We can even help you estimate the cost of moving your shipment by giving you a quick, free online freight rate quote. Because we handle so many of the details for you and have business contacts throughout the United States and beyond, shipping through Freight Rate Central can save you plenty of precious time—something that there’s never enough of when it comes to shipping.

Instant & Accurate Freight Rates – Compare & Save

Trucking Quotes

Knowing exactly what freight shipping service you need will help us get you the most accurate freight rate quote possible. If you know what kind of cargo you’re moving, take a minute to ensure that you know what kind of a shipping service you need, especially if a specialized trailer is necessary. If you’re not entirely sure what’s best, we have plenty of solid information about the different kinds of vans and flatbed trailers and the many, many different roles that a properly chosen and outfitted flatbed trailer can fulfill. Just give us a call, and we can help you fill in the gaps in your quotation request.

Freight Rate Central handles shipping services in all 50 states in the USA. We do business at all the major shipping service points, so we’re well suited to bring clients and shipping service providers together all over the country. That not only makes working with us convenient, it helps keep freight shipping rates low for our customers. In addition, doing business in so many different areas guarantees that we will always be able to move freight across the most cost- and time-efficient routes available.

Freight Rates: How Rates are Determined?

Freight cost, also known as freight rate, is determined by a myriad of factors. When weighed together, these factors create a cost per ton-mile, which is then tallied up by multiplying by the drivable distance between the two delivery points. The factors involved in the process of calculating freight cost include:

1.      Weight and Volume/Size

The weight of a shipment is obviously an important determinant in your overall freight cost. This is for the simple reason that a heavier shipment uses more gas to transport than a lighter load. However, size isn’t as big a factor as weight—although it is significant part of the equation—unless the shipment is over sized. Oversized shipments may require a specialized type of truck, and that can add cost. Shipments that are extremely over sized may require an escort car or even a police escort, which adds still more expense. To complicate things further, rules vary from state to state.

2.      Transportation Type

When it comes to freight shipments, the overwhelming majority of goods are transferred via trucks. A smaller percentage of shipments are shipped via rail, sea and air. If your shipment requires a non-trucking shipping method, then the freight cost could be significantly higher than with freight trucking based shipments.

3.      Distance and Terrain

The distance between the point of origin and the shipment’s destination is another major determinant of the overall freight cost of your shipment. Obviously, the longer the route, the more the shipment will cost. However, when calculating distance, terrain must be taken into consideration. The shortest distance between any two points is a straight line, but trucks almost never travel in a straight line due to mountains, lakes and rivers. Another consideration affecting shipment distance: the rules and capacity of the highway system. Some trucks aren’t allowed on some roads, requiring them to take lengthy detours. To calculate the true distance between two points, an actual trip distance, taken from a previous trip, is used to calculate the rate.

4.      The Points of Pickup and Delivery

Just as the actual driving distance between two points determines freight cost, the points of pickup and delivery also affect the overall cost. The highest costs associated with pickup and delivery points occur at residential addresses and small businesses, as they are the most difficult for both navigation and loading. The biggest factor in determining the cost of the points of delivery and pickup is whether there’s a loading dock. Points of pickup and delivery with loading docks can load and unload trucks significantly faster, and they don’t require lift gate services. Lift gate services can lead to additional costs.

5.      The Type of Goods Shipped

The actual goods shipped make a difference in the freight cost, as well. This cost is determined by the classification of freight, which has 18 different categories that are numbered from 50 to 500. The higher the freight classification, the higher the cost. The costs associated with the classification of freight are measured by product density, stowability, value, handling and liability. For example, shipments of hazardous goods are significantly more expensive than non-hazardous goods due to the care needed to load, unload and transport them.

The great news about determining freight cost is that you don’t have to do any math whatsoever. Our online quoting system will take into account all the factors and do the calculations for you, returning an immediate quote that you can count on! Click here to get your shipment’s freight rate.

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