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Virginia Freight QuotesVirginia Freight Quotes

Freight Rate Central provides shipping logistics to companies that need to move freight within Virginia, interstate and throughout the US. Check Virginia freight quotes at our free instant online freight quotes calculator right now and see the savings our advanced logistics system can provide. We can give you an estimate for a full truckload, or less than a truckload shipment. Below, you’ll find information and links that are relevant to Virginia freight trucking and freight shipping services.

Virginia Roads

Virginia’s highway system is the third largest state-maintained system in the country, just behind Texas and North Carolina, the highway system is operated by the Virginia Department of Transportation. Interstate 95 serves as a major artery for transportation and distribution along the east coast, interstate 95 travels through the Capital city of Virginia, Richmond, and connects to larger inland and port cities. Traveling North from Richmond into Washington D.C., Baltimore, and continuing north up to New York City, NY. South on interstate 95 through South Carolina, Georgia and to Miami at the southern tip of Florida, Virginia’s highways encounter a heavy amount of truck and freight traffic as the state is also a port state. While Virginia has several highways traveling in and out of the state, trucks traveling with twin trailers, triple saddle mounts, and automobile and watercraft transporters are required to use a special highway system known as the STAA or Surface Transportation Assistance ACT highway system.

Virginia Industry

Power Only ServicesWith agriculture occupying over 30% of the land in Virginia, a large part of the state’s income comes from soy, hay, peanuts, and tomatoes being the most profitable crop in the state. At one time, tobacco used to be the number one grown crop in the state, while no longer the case, the state is still the fifth-largest producer of tobacco in the nation.

Virginia’s main industry is the technology sector, with the computer chip being the highest grossing export since 2006 and the fourth-highest number of technology workers  in the United States. Only California, New York, and Texas remain higher. Technology quickly took over as the state’s main export while surpassing the state’s traditional top exports of tobacco and coal combined. To coincide with Virginia’s position in the technology industry, The Pentagon, which is located in Arlington, is the headquarters of the Department of Defense, while the Central Intelligence Agency in located in Langley, Virginia. Virginian is also home to several other government agencies, the United States Geological Survey, the National Science Foundation, and The United Sates Patent and Trademark Office, with all of these agencies and roughly 12% of all U.S. federal procurement money being spent in the state, providing over 900,000 jobs throughout the state and government contracts.

Virginia Shipping and Trucking to New York, Florida, Texas and More

Texas Freight trucksVirginia being a midway point for shipping services along the east coast from New York to Florida provides numerous options for freight transportation and distribution needs. Virginia is home to freight ports as well as a major naval base, so aside from normal commercial freight transportation, Virginia is also a main hub for government based transportation and distribution in the form of military supplies and equipment, and all over forms of government based commodities serving the several different government facilities. You can always check Virginia freight quotes instantly with Freight Rate Central online quoting system.


Virginia Trucking Rules and Regulations

Virginia regulations require that all trucking and freight transportation follow the designated truck routes designed to accommodate larger or oversized loads to avoid possible hazards or smaller than normal structures like bridges and tunnels. The Surface Transportation Assistance Act is a highway system was set in place for the safe transportation of commercial vehicles. Overall, Virginia is fairly standard with its regulations for transport. Limits for the dimensions of standard freight trucks in Virginia are defined below:

  • Maximum Trailer Length: 53’-0”
  • Maximum Trailer Width: 8’-6”
  • Maximum Trailer Height: 13’-6”
  • Weight: 80,000 pounds

Above that size, they require permits.

Virginia Trucking Companies & Service Points for Freight Rate Central Clients

Our LTL Freight Carriers and FTL Trucking Partners In Texas include:

  • Richmond, VA Trucking Companies
  • Richmond, VA Freight Companies
  • Arlington, VA Trucking Companies
  • Arlington, VA Freight Companies
  • Virginia Beach, VA Trucking Companies
  • Virginia Beach, VA Freight Companies
  • Norfolk, VA Trucking Companies
  • Norfolk, VA Freight Companies
  • Chesapeake, VA Trucking Companies
  • Chesapeake, VA Freight Companies
  • Newport News, VA Trucking Companies
  • Newport News, VA Freight Companies
  • Alexandria, VA Trucking Companies
  • Alexandria, VA Freight Companies
  • Hampton, VA Trucking Companies
  • Hampton, VA Freight Companies
  • Roanoke, VA Trucking Companies
  • Roanoke, VA Freight Companies
  • Portsmouth, VA Trucking Companies
  • Portsmouth, VA Freight Companies

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