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Let’s take a trip together. Not just any trip, but one that gives you a behind-the-scenes peek at the fascinating world of trucking rates in the United States. How about we break down this complex journey step-by-step, region-by-region, and truck-by-truck?

Firstly, Picture Your Shipment’s Journey

Ever stopped to ponder why it costs more to ship goods from the hustle and bustle of New York City to a quiet town in Kansas than it would from Orlando to Atlanta? It’s not just about the miles covered. In fact, there’s a whole lot more going on behind the scenes.

For starters, consider the realities of big city life. With gridlocked traffic and hectic loading docks, time ticks away more rapidly than in quieter, less crowded areas. Remember the golden rule: time is money! Consequently, deliveries originating from or destined for metropolitan areas can often be more expensive.

Moreover, Geography Matters

Trucking rates across the U.S.

The part of the country where you’re shipping to and from isn’t just a detail; it’s a major player in this puzzle. You see, trucking rates often reflect the local economic conditions and the supply-and-demand balance for transport services. For instance, in high-demand regions like the Northeast, rates tend to be steeper.

Secondly, Let’s Talk Trucks

Moving on, let’s not forget the star of the show: the truck itself. If you’re shipping delicate goods like fresh strawberries, you’ll need a refrigerated truck, known in the biz as a “reefer”. These specialized trucks, essential for keeping those berries crisp and fresh, come with higher operating costs, which in turn raises the trucking rate.

On the flip side, your everyday, versatile flatbed trailer is often a more budget-friendly option. Now, there’s also the matter of how much space your cargo is occupying. If your shipment isn’t filling the truck, and the trucking company has to juggle other loads to make full use of the space, you might end up paying a higher rate per item.


Ensure Your Shipment Details are The Most Accurate to Secure The Best Trucking Rates

Freight Trucking RatesIn order to get the best trucking rate for you shipment, you will need to have detailed information on its measurements and dimensional weight. If your freight can be boxed, loaded onto pallets and secured, then it should be easy to get accurate trucking rates. All you need to do is determine the dimensional weight, which is related to the density of the goods. The dimensional weight is a key factor in shipping costs, and it guarantees that carriers will be adequately compensated for their time, equipment and fuel use even if the load is very light.

If your freight is unusually large or oddly shaped, then you may need to discuss the requirements with Freight Rate Central staff before trucking rates can be accurately estimated. Freight Rate Central can arrange for the transport of oversized loads, over dimensional shipments and over weight freight with a wide variety of cab and trailer types available. Large and unusual shipments are more costly, but we can provide an accurate estimate if we have all the information we need.

Other factors that affect trucking rates include:

• Whether or not there are loading docks at the pick-up and drop-off points.
• Whether the pick-up and drop-off points are in residential areas, which tend to have narrower roads and are more difficult to navigate in trucks.
• Whether the goods are new or used and other factors that might affect insurance costs.
• Whether you are shipping hazardous freight.
• Whether refrigerated transport is required.
• Whether the shipment requires special permits: over weight, over dimensional, etc.
• Whether the shipment requires pilot cars.
• Whether the shipment is a full or partial truckload.

How Freight Rate Central Can Get You the Lowest Trucking Rate

Discount Trucking RatesFreight Rate Central is a logistics company that can provide discount pricing and management services for interstate and international trucking. Because we have thousands of carriers across the US as partners and we provide them with a steady stream of business, we are able to negotiate trucking rates that are as much as 75% below the rates you would be quoted if you called a carrier directly.

Freight Rate Central handles the paperwork and the planning, and we keep you informed of the progress of your shipment online, in real time. To access the lowest trucking rates in the industry, as well as tapping our logistics knowledge and experience, give us a call or click here to use our instant online freight trucking rate calculator.

Lastly, A Peek Into The Past

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Interestingly, the cost per mile for trucking has been steadily inching upwards over the past twenty years. In 2000, the average cost was around $1.27 per mile. Roll on to 2019, and this has increased to $1.82 per mile. The culprit? Rising fuel costs, better wages for our hard-working truckers, and steeper insurance premiums.

However, don’t let this put a damper on things. By understanding the factors influencing these costs, you can make savvy shipping decisions. Maybe you can choose off-peak delivery times, or collaborate with other businesses to share truck space.

Wrapping Up

In summary, there’s a lot more to trucking rates than meets the eye. It’s not just about distance, but also about where you’re shipping from and to, the trucking trailer type used, and the ever-evolving economic factors. As you become more familiar with these intricacies, you’ll get better at navigating the winding road of U.S. trucking rates. So, keep your eyes on the road and enjoy the ride!

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