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Pennsylvania Freight QuotesFreight Rate Central works with Pennsylvania trucking companies and carriers from all over the continental US to bring you the lowest available rates for truckload, less-than-truckload and specialized shipping requirements, including over-dimensional and over-weight shipments. We provide Pennsylvania freight quotes to, from and through the state and throughout the US, and we can arrange for international shipping as well.

Both businesses and individuals that need to arrange shipping to or from Pennsylvania can depend on Freight Rate Central to make the process straightforward and low risk. Freight Rate Central makes shipping easy by working with carriers and state authorities to arrange pick-up and drop-off, pull all the necessary permits, and plan routes to avoid added expense and reduce the risk of delays.

Pennsylvania Roads

Pennsylvania has a fairly extensive network of interstate highways. The I-79 runs north-south from West Virginia, through Pittsburgh, ending in Erie, while the I-81 runs from New York to Maryland, through Scranton, on the eastern side of the state. The I-80 bisects Pennsylvania from east to west, while the I-76, a toll road, runs east-west on the southern side of the state.

With its humid continental climate, Pennsylvania has cold winters and hot, wet summers. Tornados are not unheard of, although they are not as common as they are further to the west. Weather-related delays can be a consideration in Pennsylvania trucking during the winter.

Pennsylvania Industry

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In the twentieth century, Pennsylvania was best known for its industrial economy, including steel production and product manufacturing, as well as agriculture. Today, the state has expanded into new economic frontiers such as film and the financial sector.

Pennsylvania Freight Quotes and Trucking to California, Texas, Florida and More

Dry Van Trucks Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania ships goods all over the country, as well as overseas. Pennsylvania to New York is a busy route, as is Pennsylvania to New Jersey. Pennsylvania also ships to Midwestern states like Ohio and Illinois, and to western states, most commonly California and Texas. You can estimate your Pennsylvania freight quotes instantly online by using our calculator with no charge.

Pennsylvania Trucking Rules and Regulations

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation regulates Pennsylvania trucking and detailed, up-to-date requirements can be found on their website. As a general guide:

Standard loads for Pennsylvania are up to:

  • 70’-0” in length, or 60’-0” on roads and highways without medians, with maximum overhangs of 4’-0” in front and 6’-0” at the rear of the trailer.
  • 8’-6” wide on major routes
  • 13’-6” high
  • 80,000 pounds

Oversized loads for Pennsylvania (allowed with a permit) are up to:

  • 120’-0” or 160’-0” in length, depending on the route
  • 15’-0” or 16’-0” wide, depending on the route
  • 14’-6” to 16’-0” high, depending on the route
  • 201,000 pounds, with weight limits on each axle.

Anything larger or heavier than an oversized load is considered a supersized load and requires special arrangements, including pilot cars.

Freight Rate Central Pennsylvania Freight Trucking Service Points

Our LTL Freight Carriers and FTL Trucking Partners in Pennsylvania include:

  • Philadelphia Trucking Companies
  • Philadelphia Freight Companies
  • Pittsburgh Trucking Companies
  • Pittsburgh Freight Companies
  • Allentown Trucking Companies
  • Allentown Freight Companies
  • Erie Trucking Companies
  • Erie Freight Companies
  • Reading Trucking Companies
  • Reading Freight Companies
  • Upper Darby Trucking Companies
  • Upper Darby Freight Companies
  • Scranton Trucking Companies
  • Scranton Freight Companies
  • Bethlehem Trucking Companies
  • Bethlehem Freight Companies
  • Lancaster Trucking Companies
  • Lancaster Freight Companies
  • Bensalem Trucking Companies
  • Bensalem Freight Companies
  • Harrisburg Trucking Companies
  • Harrisburg Freight Companies

Pennsylvania Freight Rates

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