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New Jersey Freight QuoteNew Jersey Freight Quotes

Freight Rate Central offers people who need to ship freight to, from and inside New Jersey the industry’s best rates. It’s all about our efficient scheduling system and our wide variety of options, including provision for oversized, overweight and specialized loads. Get a free instant online freight quote and find out why our service is the best out there for accurate New Jersey freight quotes. Whether you need an estimate for a full truckload, less than a truckload or international shipping, you can be looking at a quote in five minutes or less.

New Jersey Roads

Keep in mind that many of New Jersey’s roads and bridges require tolls. The New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey are among the toll stations most New Jersey trucking companies encounter. A complete list is available on the NJDOT website.


New Jersey Industry

New Jersey trucking companiesNew Jersey’s pharmaceutical, chemical, electrical and food processing industries are leaders in state commerce. Many fortune 500 companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Honeywell, Quest Diagnostics and the Campbell’s Soup Company are headquartered in New Jersey. Agriculture is also important to the state’s economy; it is second in the US in blueberry production, third in cranberry and spinach production, and fourth in lettuce, bell pepper and peach production. New Jersey trucking companies and freight companies are essential to the state, both for export of goods and because of its proximity to the Port of New York and New Jersey, the East Coast’s busiest port.

New Jersey Shipping and Trucking to Texas, Colorado, Illinois and More

Trucking companies NJAccording to the New Jersey State department of transportation, of the more than 600 million tons of goods moved through New Jersey each year, 75 percent are moved via truck. New Jersey’s thriving manufacturing and agricultural industries provide goods that are in demand throughout the US, including California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, and Washington. One of the most in-demand New Jersey trucking routes stretches from Newark, New Jersey to Los Angeles, California. State regulations require large trucks to use the National Network of Interstate Highways, expressways, turnpikes and other highways unless seeking food, fuel, rest, repairs or a terminal by direct route. The National Network includes, in addition to Interstates, the Atlantic City Expressway, the New Jersey Turnpike and parts of Routes 42, 81, 130, 322, 440 and the New Jersey Access Network.

New Jersey Trucking Rules and Regulations

Truck travel in New Jersey is permitted between sunrise and sunset. Standard trucks can be up to 63’-0” in length on a stretch trailer with no overhang; maximum overall is 120’-0”. The weight maximum for standard trucks is GVW 80,000 pounds, and the width maximum is 8’-0” non-designated, 8’-6” designated. Height is maximum 13’-6”. Routine oversize shipping, trucking and transport permits are available through the NJDOT. No oversize loads are permitted on toll roads, and the permits, as issued, detail travel restrictions and movement times. Pilot/escort car requirements are as follows: For unusually wide loads on two lane routes, widths over 14′-0” require one pilot/escort car in front. On four lanes, widths over 14′-0” require one pilot/escort following behind. On all routes, widths exceeding 16′-0” require one front and one rear pilot/escort. For unusually long trucks, on two lane routes, lengths exceeding 100′-0” require one pilot/escort car in the rear. On all routes, lengths over 120′-0” require one escort/pilot in front and one behind. Trucks over 14’-0” require one high pole pilot/escort car in front.

New Jersey Trucking Companies & Service Points for Freight Rate Central

Our LTL Freight Carriers and FTL Trucking Partners In New Jersey include:

  • Newark, NJ Trucking Companies
  • Newark, NJ Freight Companies
  • Jersey City, NJ Trucking Companies
  • Jersey City, NJ Freight Companies
  • Paterson, NJ Trucking Companies
  • Paterson, NJ Freight Companies
  • Elizabeth, NJ Trucking Companies
  • Elizabeth, NJ Freight Companies
  • Edison, NJ Trucking Companies
  • Edison, NJ Freight Companies
  • Toms River, NJ Trucking Companies
  • Toms River, NJ Freight Companies
  • Trenton, NJ Trucking Companies
  • Trenton, NJ Freight Companies
  • Camden, NJ Trucking Companies
  • Camden, NJ Freight Companies
  • Clifton, NJ Trucking Companies
  • Clifton, NJ Freight Companies
  • East Orange, NJ Trucking Companies
  • East Orange, NJ Freight Companies

New Jersey Freight Rate

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