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Montana Freight Quotes & Shipment Routes

Montana Freight Quotes

Shipping goods across the north or west of the US is likely to involve a trip through the country’s fourth-largest state, Montana. If you plan to transport goods from, to or through Montana, use Freight Rate Central logistics’ instant and free online quote generator to get an accurate Montana freight quotes for full and partial truckloads using our partnered freight companies in MT.

Montana Climate and TerrainMontana Freight Quotes

Named after the Spanish for “mountainous country,” Montana contains numerous mountain ranges, many of which form part of the Rocky Mountains in the west of the state. Its unofficial nickname, Big Sky Country, refers to the huge expanses of flat open plains in the eastern part of Montana, which provide fertile ground for agriculture and ranching and cover 60% of the state’s territory.

The major cities of Montana include Missoula to the east, Billings in the south and Great Falls. State capital Helena, Butte and Bozeman are also major population centers. Thanks to its size, geography and the Continental Divide, the weather in Montana can vary dramatically. The coldest temperature ever recorded in the US was in Montana (-70ºF) and the valleys and mountains can attract fog that is difficult for even experienced Montana trucking companies to navigate.

As the USA’s largest landlocked state, Montana is heavily reliant on road transportation to service its growing tourism sector, as well as traditional agricultural, forestry and mining industries. Recently, Montana has seen a growth in micro-brewing, making it one of the leading states for good beer. Around half of all Montana’s transportation needs are intrastate, with Montana trucking companies primarily transporting food, lumber and minerals across the sparsely populated region.

Montana Shipping and Trucking to Texas, Colorado, Illinois and More

Montana freight companies that transport goods outside the state typically travel to other northern and western Montana Trucking Companiesstates, especially Washington, Wyoming and Wisconsin, as well as California, Illinois Texas, Arizona and Georgia. Montana has 14 border crossings with the Canadian provinces of British Colombia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Individuals and companies that operate commercial motor vehicles in interstate or international commerce must register their business with Montana and pay an annual fee based on the size of their fleet. The Montana Department of Transport has a comprehensive trucker’s handbook that offers guidance on rules, regulations and permits.

Montana Trucking Rules and Regulations

Most trucks in Montana must observe speed restrictions of 65mph on interstate routes and between 55mph and 60mph on smaller roads. Overweight vehicles are restricted to 55mph. Montana operates a bridge formula for Montana freight companies to use in assessing the suitability of routes. Chains are often required during the winter and are advised using road signs. The MDT has a comprehensive and user-friendly website with further information.

Freight travel is allowed in Montana from sunrise to sunset Monday to Friday, with restrictions on some routes from 3pm on Fridays.

  • • Length: 75’-0”
  • • Width: 8’-6”
  • • Height: 14’-0”
  • • Weight: (GVW) 80,000 pounds with steer of 20,000 pounds

Permitted over-weight loads are restricted to the following dimensions:

  • Length: 110’-0” (120’-0” may be allowed for non-divisible loads)
  • • Width: 18’-0”
  • • Weight: 100,000 pounds
  • • Height: up to 17’-0” depending on the route

One or more pilot cars may be necessary, depending on the route chosen. On four lane highways, one pilot car is necessary at the rear for oversize vehicles. On two lane highways, two cars are required for vehicles over 14’-0” wide.

Montana Roads

Montana’s Interstate routes include the I-94 and I-90, connecting the state directly to Washington and the Dakotas and the I-15 that leads to Idaho, Utah, Arizona and California. A network of state roads connects the cities and provides access to the National parks, forests and mountains. Regular users of Montana’s roads know to be aware of wildlife crossing their path, particularly close to the national parks, mountains and reserves.

Montana Trucking Companies & Service Points for Freight Rate Central

Our LTL Freight Carriers and FTL Trucking Partners In Montana include:

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  • Missoula, MT Freight Companies
  • Great Falls, MT Trucking Companies
  • Great Falls, MT Freight Companies
  • Bozeman, MT Trucking Companies
  • Bozeman, MT Freight Companies
  • Butte, MT Trucking Companies
  • Butte, MT Freight Companies
  • Helena, MT Trucking Companies
  • Helena, MT Freight Companies
  • Kalispell, MT Trucking Companies
  • Kalispell, MT Freight Companies
  • Anaconda, MT Trucking Companies
  • Anaconda, MT Freight Companies
  • Havre, MT Trucking Companies
  • Havre, MT Freight Companies
  • Miles City, MT Trucking Companies
  • Miles City, MT Freight Companies

Montana Freight Rates

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