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Nevada Freight Quotes & Shipment Routes

Nevada Freight QuotesNevada Freight Quotes

Freight Rate Central offers the most affordable Nevada freight quotes to ship to, from and within NV state. To make sure your shipment is on time and on budget, call us at 1-800-870-6294, or start by trying out our automated quotation system.

Freight Rate Central works with Nevada’s best trucking companies and shipping specialists to bring you a wide variety of options at the lowest prices in the Nevada logistics industry. If you’re shipping across the Sierra Nevada Mountains or the Mojave Desert, Freight Rate Central will do everything necessary to make sure every aspect of the journey goes smoothly and safely. Whether you’re shipping minerals through Reno to California or transporting construction equipment from Vegas to Paradise, Freight Rate Central can make the connection.

Nevada Industry

Nevada trades in fantasy, but that’s not all. Down-to-earth industries like mining and ranching play an important role in the state’s economy. Of course, government shipping is also in high demand in Nevada. As a state that is dry and sparsely populated, Nevada’s shipping needs tend to be straightforward. However, knowledge of local roads is important to properly manage logistics in Nevada. Freight Rate Central is headquartered in neighboring Idaho, and we understand Nevada’s climate, industries and roads. We work with Nevada’s top trucking companies to bring you reasonably priced shipping services you can depend on.

Nevada Shipping and Trucking to California, Washington, Utah, and More

Nevada trucking companies

If you need freight shipping within Nevada or from Nevada to California, Nevada to Washington, Nevada to Utah, Arizona, Oregon, Idaho or even New York—or from any of those states to Nevada, then contact Freight Rate Central. We work directly with the top carriers serving Nevada, and we’ve negotiated low, bulk rates that all our clients can take advantage of, whether they need to transport regularly scheduled truckloads of freight or just a one-time partial truckload.


Nevada Trucking Rules and Regulations

Nevada DOT—the Nevada Department of Transportation—regulates shipping within the state of Nevada. Freight Rate Central works with Nevada DOT to make sure all our clients’ shipments stay on schedule and have all the required permits. We do our best to eliminate unpleasant surprises, and nothing makes us happier than making sure your shipments leave and arrive on time and according to plan. We manage the carriers and the paperwork, and we keep our clients informed minute to minute through easy-to-access shipment tracking on our website.

Nevada DOT dictates the maximum size and weight of trucks that are allowed on the roads, and oversized and supersize loads require permits and fees that cover the extra wear and tear on the roads. A standard load in Nevada is a maximum of 70’-0” long, 8’-6” wide, 14’-0” high and 80,000 pounds. Cabs with three trailers are allowed on Nevada’s roads without special permission.

Oversized loads of less than 14’-0” wide, 105’-0” long and 16’-0” high are usually straightforward to arrange. Larger, supersize loads require special permission, and oversize and supersize loads require axel load calculations.

Nevada Roads

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Nevada has two interstates that cross the state from east to west: the I-80 in the north and the I-15 in the south. Reno and Las Vegas are not connected by an interstate. However, many of Nevada’s state and local roads are straight, wide and suitable for large-scale shipping.


Nevada Trucking Companies & Service Points for Freight Rate Central

Our LTL Freight Carriers and FTL Trucking Partners In Nevada include:

  • Las Vegas, NV Trucking Companies
  • Las Vegas, NV Freight Companies
  • Paradise, NV Trucking Companies
  • Paradise, NV Freight Companies
  • Reno, NV Trucking Companies
  • Reno, NV Freight Companies
  • Henderson, NV Trucking Companies
  • Henderson, NV Freight Companies
  • Sunrise Manor, NV Trucking Companies
  • Sunrise Manor, NV Freight Companies
  • Spring Valley, NV Trucking Companies
  • Spring Valley, NV Freight Companies
  • North Las Vegas, NV Trucking Companies
  • North Las Vegas, NV Freight Companies
  • Sparks, NV Trucking Companies
  • Sparks, NV Freight Companies
  • Carson City, NV Trucking Companies
  • Carson City, NV Freight Companies
  • Winchester, NV Trucking Companies
  • Winchester, NV Freight Companies

Nevada Freight Rates

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