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Kansas’ reputation as US’s heartland is well deserved. The location is exactly in the middle of both the Pacific and Atlantic Coasts.The geographic center of the 48 contiguous United States is located in Smith County, Kansas, near the city of Lebanon. Home to legendary Old West cow town Dodge City and part of the historic Santa Fe Trail, Kansas is bordered by Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado and Missouri and shares with Missouri its most populous area—the Kansas part of Kansas City, which straddles the state line. Freight Rate Central offers most competitive Kansas freight quotes. Try out our instant online quote calculator without any charge.

Kansas State Industry

Kansas is one of the nation’s leading producers of agricultural products. Part of the Grain Belt, the state is mainly known for wheat, but is also a chief national producer of cattle, sheep, sorghum, soybeans, cotton, corn, hogs and salt.The manufacturing sector is responsible for much of Kansas’ industry, with the aerospace industry making up the majority of the state’s manufacturing jobs. Spirit Aerosystems and Cessna are two of the best-known aerospace manufacturers in the state. Other well-known industrial names that call Kansas home include Sprint-Nextel, General Motors and Garmin. Oil and natural gas are other major industries in Kansas; the state ranks 8th in the nation for production of both resources.

Kansas Shipping and Trucking to California, Texas, Illinois, Washington, Arizona and More

The agricultural products, oil and gas, airplanes, cell phones and GPS systems that are produced in Kansas are in demand all over the US, but some of them are also shipped overseas. Port states like California and Washington export Kansas products, while states like Illinois, Arizona, Texas and others are important hubs for products from Kansas.

Kansas Trucking Rules and Regulations

Trucking in Kansas is regulated by the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC). KCC is responsible for motor carrier safety regulations and administering the economic regulations for commercial motor vehicle operations in Kansas. Commercial vehicles or trucks hauling trailers with a weight rating or combination weight rating of more than 10,000 pounds that haul for hire or commercially are subject to regulation through the KCC.Kansas trucking companies & service pointsRegistration of commercial trucks is handled through the Kansas Motor Carrier Services Bureau (IRP). Information about registering through the IRP is available on their registration document.Legal loads in Kansas that do not require a permit are as follows: length is limited to 59′-6″, width is limited to 8′-6″, height is limited to 14′-0”, weight is limited to 80,000 pounds GVW.Routine oversize and heavy hauls that need permits are as follows: length is limited to 126′-0” depending on the route; width is limited to 16′-6″ for routine permits; height is limited to 17′-0” for routine permits. Weight is limited to 22,000 pounds on a single axle, 45,000 pounds on tandem, 60,000 pounds on tridem, 65,000 pounds on quadem, 95,000 pounds for five axles, 110,000 pounds for six axles, and 150,000 pounds for seven and eight axles. Anything over 16′-6″ wide, 17′-0” high and/or 150,000 pounds is classified as a super load.Pilot or escort cars are needed for loads over 90′-0” long, and a high pole escort is required for heights over 17′-0”. Load more than 14′-0” in width requires one front escort and one rear. On roads of four lanes or fewer, the rear escort may be eliminated with an amber light on the cab and rear of load, if the light is at least 2′-0” above pavement and no higher than 8′-0” above the pavement. This exception does not apply to super loads or roads over four lanes.Truck travel in Kansas is permitted one half hour before sunrise and one half hour after sunset on all days. No night travel is permitted except for overweight trucks.

Kansas State Roads

I-70 is Kansas’ major east–west route, connecting to Denver, Colorado and Kansas City, Missouri. I-35 is the major north–south route, connecting to Oklahoma City to the south and Des Moines, Iowa to the north. Routing and intelligent permitting system K-TRIPS can advise truckers on hazardous road conditions.

Kansas Trucking Companies Service Points from Freight Rate Central

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