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North Dakota is located at the heart of the continent and borders on Canada. Shipping from, through or to North Dakota is simple to plan using Freight Rate Central’ online quote generator. Our unique and intuitive instant online tool can help you find accurate and timely prices whether you are shipping a full consignment, looking for an LTL deal or have a specialist item that needs to be moved through the upper Midwest.

North Dakota is home to many border crossings for freight trucking between Canada and the USA, with 18 border ports along the 310-mile northern perimeter that separates North Dakota from Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Its other neighbors are Minnesota to the east and South Dakota and Montana to the west.

North Dakota Industry

North Dakota is currently enjoying a boom in natural resources, primarily oil extraction, and has enjoyed the fastest-growing economy in the USA for the last five years. As well as the oil industry, agriculture, mineral extraction and food processing are key industries. The flat prairie land and climate are ideal for growing legumes, oilseeds and cereal crops. Machinery, particularly for use in mineral extraction and farming, is routinely transported along North Dakota’s road network.

North Dakota Shipping and Trucking to Texas,North Dakota Freight ShippingColorado, Illinois and More

North Dakota enjoys good shipping routes to the south, east and west, as well as the numerous border crossings to the north. The I-29 to the south offers quick access to southern states, despite North Dakota’s northern position.

Although many of North Dakota’s freight companies operate intra-state, often covering just 100 miles between departure and delivery, inter-state shipping is simple, particularly over the border to Minnesota but also as far afield as Texas, Louisiana, California, Oregon, Wisconsin, Washington and Illinois.


North Dakota Trucking Rules and Regulations

Travel is permitted in North Dakota from sunrise to sunset, seven days per week for loads up to 16’-0” wide and 110’-0” long. North Dakota law prohibits truckers from texting while driving, as well as making calls on hand-held cell phones. Despite the extreme winter weather, there are no chain laws in North Dakota.

Standard size and weight limitations for North Dakota are:

 • Length: 110’-0” (75’-0” on non-designated routes)

  • • Width: 8’-6”
  • • Height: 14’-0”
  • • Weight: 80,000 pounds

Over-size loads in North Dakota are defined as:

  • Length: 110’-0”
  • Width: 18’-0”
  • Height: 15’-6”

Overweight restrictions vary according to the type of truck used. A 7-axle semi can carry up to 126,000 pounds on North Dakota’s roads. Up-to-date information for North Dakota freight companies and motor carriers can be found on the North Dakota Highway Patrol website.

North Dakota Roads

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The I-29 broadly follows the border between Minnesota and South Dakota, connecting the cities of Grand Forks and Fargo with Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas. Meanwhile, the I-94 cuts east-west across the state, passing through state capital Bismarck.

 The I-29 and I-94 intersect in the biggest city, Fargo. As well as the major interstate routes, North Dakota has a grid-like network of state highways that navigate the numerous river valleys and plains. If you’d like to find out how much a North Dakota shipment would cost, then try our free, instant online quotation software.

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North Dakota Freight Rates

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