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The home of the Huskers, Nebraska is a state that provides a large amount of daily shipments throughout the United States. This great tradition in the state of Nebraska provides America with a very vast array of products on a consistent basis. The Freight Rate Central & our Nebraska Trucking Companies have emerged as one of the most loyal and dedicated trucking options offered in Nebraska shipping today.

Freight Rate Central is your source for discounted Nebraska Freight Quotes and reliable shipping services throughout the state. If you are planning on shipping through or to Wyoming then why not ask us for a quote? Freight Rate Central can arrange for trucking that’s local or interstate and our quotes are calculated instantly, online. We can arrange transport for almost any type of freight in Nebraska; we’ve got many specialized options available. The first step is to get a free, instant online quote using our fully automated system. It can give you an estimate for a full truckload, or less than a truckload shipment.

Nebraska Roads

While Nebraska has no shortage of roads crossing the state, there is only really one main highway that crosses through the state, the Interstate 80. The I-80 travels through the state from Wyoming through the west side of Nebraska into Iowa leaving the east side of Nebraska.

Nebraska Industry

Freight Trucks CANebraska lies in the central United States and is divided up into two major regions, The Dissected Till Plains and the Great Plains. The Great Plains which makes up the western side of the state, is a vast prairie used for cattle grazing. In fact the state is largely agricultural being a major producer of pork, beef, soybeans and corn. Nebraska is also home to the world’s largest train yard, which is the Union Pacific’s Bailey Yard, which is located in North Platte.

Nebraska Freight Quotes and Trucking to Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas and More

Flatbed Trucks CaliforniaThe U.S. State Route 83 travels through Nebraska going north and south. The highway enters the state from the North coming from South Dakota then exiting the state from the south into Kansas continuing through Oklahoma into Texas. The main artery running through the state of Nebraska is the Interstate 80. The I-80 travels from California on the west coast of the United States through the state of Nebraska and continuing east before coming to an end in Illinois. The highway serves as a major route for trucking connecting states like Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and several other states as connecting highways travel through neighboring states.

Nebraska Trucking Rules and Regulations

Millions of pounds of goods are transported daily to provide homes and businesses with the supplies they need to keep the economy and helping to sustain employment throughout the country. Nebraska is no stranger to commercial truck traffic, these vehicles travel millions of miles each day driving from coast to coast through the state of Nebraska on interstate 80, which happens to be one of the nation’s busiest routes for freight transportation.

The rules and regulations for transportation in Nebraska are fairly standard, some states have heavy travel restrictions for times and days, for a list of legal sizes and weights for commercial vehicles traveling through Nebraska, you can find it on their department of transportation website.

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