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Stretch Single-Drop Deck

Stretch single-drop deck trailers are designed to carry and haul truckloads that are too long for the length restrictions of a standard or traditional step deck. They provide extra support, preventing freight overhang. The lowered main deck allows plenty of room for taller loads that exceed the height limit of a regular flatbed stretch trailer. With 35 to 63 feet of flatbed deck length, the stretch single drop trailer is ideal for overlength freight shipments. We start with timely door-to-door service, and we help with in-depth details like permitting, routing, clearances, inspections, and tarps.

  • Stretch Single Drops Max freight weight is 45,000 lbs.
  • Stretch Single Drops Maximum freight dimensions:
    Max Stretch Single Drop Trailer Length- Main Deck 35 ft – 63 ft
    Max Stretch Single Drop Trailer Width- 8.5 ft
    Max Stretch Single Drop Legal Freight Height- 10 ft

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Let us work with you to determine the best choice of trailer to access the best and lowest truckload rates. Our friendly representatives will use your specifications, including total freight weight plus overall dimensions, to assess proper and accurate rates. Our expert advisors will indicate if you need state permits for your particular load or type of freight.

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