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Virginia to New Jersey Freight shipping and trucking services are in high demand; Richmond to Trenton is a very heavily traveled route.

The Richmond, VA to Trenton, NJ freight shipping lane is a 278 mile haul that takes more than 4 hours of driving to complete. Shipping from Virginia to New Jersey ranges from a minimum of 119 miles and a minimum of 2 hours on the road from Alexandria, VA to Carneys Point Township, NJ, to over 659 miles and a minimum driving time of 11 hours on the road from Ewing, VA to Montague Township, NJ. The shortest route from Virginia to New Jersey is along the I-95 N corridor; however there is a more easterly route that uses the US-301 N, traveling through Bowling Green, VA and Waldorf, MD.


Virginia Freight Shipping & Trucking

Virginia to New Jersey Trucking Rates

Virginia sits on the Atlantic Coast of the United States and is commonly referred to as “The Old Dominion”, which was named for being one of the oldest overseas dominions of the King and Queen of England. With agriculture occupying over 30% of the land in Virginia, a large part of the states income comes from soy, hay, peanuts, and tomatoes being the most profitable crop in the state, at one time tobacco used to be the number one grown crop in the state, while no longer the case the state is still the fifth- largest producer of tobacco in the nation.

Virginia’s main industry is the technology sector, with the computer chip being the highest grossing export since 2006 and the fourth-highest number of technology workers  in the United States, only California, New York, and Texas remain higher, technology quickly took over as the states main export while surpassing the state’s traditional top exports of tobacco and coal combined. To coincide with Virginia’s position in the technology industry, The Pentagon, which is located in Arlington, is the headquarters of the Department of Defense, while the Central Intelligence Agency in located in Langley, Virginia. Virginian is also home to several other government agencies, the United States Geological Survey, the National Science Foundation, and The United Sates Patent and Trademark Office, with all of these agencies and roughly 12% of all U.S. federal procurement money being spent in the state, providing over 900,000 jobs throughout the state and government contracts.




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New Jersey Freight Shipping Quotes and Trucking Rates

New Jersey to Virginia Freight Shipping Quotes and Trucking RatesNew Jersey’s state motto, “liberty and prosperity,” describes this second-wealthiest of the 50 US states well. The Garden State’s warm, humid summers, temperate spring and fall seasons and snowy winters help foster the rural agricultural areas that lie between metropolitan New York City to the north, Philadelphia to the south and the famous Jersey Shore along the Atlantic Ocean to the east. New Jersey’s largest cities are Newark, Jersey City and Patterson. State capitol Trenton’s motto, “Trenton makes, the world takes,” sums up New Jersey’s welcoming attitude toward commerce.






Virginia to New Jersey Freight shipping quotes and trucking rates vary at times due to the individual states industry needs. Since Virginia and New Jersey are mainly industrial, with many food processing and distribution centers, we see plenty of shipments by refrigerated trailer, flatbed trailer as well as by the more common dry van trucks. Our Less Than Truckload (LTL) carriers in both Virginia and New Jersey are also running a number of regular services between the two states, and it’s an active route for heavy haul freight shipments, as well.



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