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What’s the largest thing you’ve seen being hauled down a highway? A piece of farm equipment, like a tractor or harvester, wind turbine pieces, or even a whole house? Those are just a few examples of how versatile trucks are when it comes to heavy hauling. Freight Rate Central’s transportation specialists work with trucking companies to move oversized items like these every day of the week. While oversized shipping does pose unique challenges, with a little bit of help from the Freight Rate Central team, you may be able to move your entire house as simply and seamlessly as you can move a houseful of packing boxes.

Freight Rate Central is a logistics company, which means we specialize in working seamlessly with hauling companies across the country to create a smooth and streamlined experience for you, the customer. Our instant online quoting system holds up-to-date information on truck availability and pricing from all our service providers, so you can tailor your shipping quotation to fit your needs, timescale and budget in real-time and with no hidden surprises.

Find the Right Oversize Heavy Haul Trucking Carrier With Freight Rate Central

Heavy Haul Trucking ChargesMoving extra long or wide cargo requires smart planning, great logistics knowledge and seamless coordination of timing, permits and, in some cases, escorts. Working with trucking companies in all the US states, as well as internationally, means we have access to a wide range of transportation suppliers at competitive rates, carriers who really understand their local markets. Over-sized shipping almost always requires additional permits and arrangements, so knowledge on the ground in different states makes it much easier to plan your transportation project and achieve the delivery schedule you need.

Oversize Shipping Might Be Your Only Option

Oversized Shipping ServicesSometimes, there is no way to move a certain kind of cargo except by truck. For instance, heavy hauling is essential for farming, construction and manufactured home companies. There are many other uses for it as well, though. Take, for example, the transport of large pipelines or parts to an airliner. Due to their size and weight, there is no way to move these items except than by truck. These are services that trucks can perform that no other transportation method can.

Information at Every Step

To make your experience of transporting oversized cargo from A to B as easy as 1,2,3, our experienced team of logistics planners and customer advisors can assist with advice at every stage of your shipping experience. Whether you need information on how to prepare your cargo for transportation, need help locating suitable pick-up locations or require convenient and timely drop-offs, the Freight Rate Central team aim to exceed your service expectations. While you can alter entries in our online freight quoting system to get different results, our friendly team of customer advisors are only a phone call away to answer your questions. Call 1-800-870-6294 or contact us via email!

To help you take advantage of all that trucks have to offer, Freight Rate Central provides RGN’s, Lowboy, Single Drop, Double Drop, Flatbed, Step Deck, Flatbed, and Specialized Heavy Haul Trucking Services. To view all the available trucking types that we offer, please visit and view our trucking trailer types section to determine the best available equipment for your Oversize load. By choosing one of these methods, there’s bound to be a way to transport your item, no matter how large, awkward, or oversized your load is.

Freight Rate Central wants to help make your decision about which shipping company to use an easy one. That’s why we offer the lowest prices in the industry. To find out for yourself how little you’ll have to pay for great service, go online and get your free instant quote now now. Whether you are moving goods weighing 100 pounds or 100 tons, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Experience the Freight Rate Central difference and start saving money the smart way today.

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