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Get the best Excavator Hauling and Transportation Services Rates in the industry! Excavators are a very important piece of equipment used in the construction industry, they have a boom arm, rubber or metal tracks depending on the size of the excavator. On the end of the boom arm there is an available assortment of buckets that can be used in digging holes or trenches during construction. Some of these excavators are so large that they require specialized trailers to transport them across the United States from job site to job site or for delivery of newly purchased equipment. Lets get into some of these different trucking types of trailers involved in regards to excavator transportation, and what their purpose might be.

Hauling an ExcavatorOne of the most common types of trailers used to transport large equipment like excavators is the low boy trailer, like a flat bed trailer the low boy has a long flat bed but drops down in front of the axles to keep the load lower to the ground. This is helpful for loads that are taller than the legal height requirement for freight shipping; these trailers can also haul up to 40,000 pounds. While this trailer can reach the requirements of some excavators, there are larger excavators that may require larger more specialized trailers and a lot more axles. The double drop stretch trailer for instance has a low center like the low boy trailer, but in addition to that also has a deck that stretches from 29-65 feet in order to accommodate longer equipment while still maintaining height regulations.

Excavator Shipping RatesOne of the most versatile trailers used for hauling large equipment is the RGN trailer, or Removable Gooseneck trailer. What makes the RGN such a great choice is the fact that you can remove the gooseneck and set the front of the trailer on the ground to use it as a loading ramp for large equipment. The RGN’s maximum freight capacity is 42,000 pounds, but what if you need to haul more weight? The RGN is a versatile trailer that can be adapted or re-configured to haul up to 150,000 pounds! This can be achieved by expanding the number of axles used from 3 to more than 20 axles depending on the equipments weight and size. Since the RGN trailer is so versatile and depending on the configuration, can result in extra cost for usage, so you definitely want to make sure you are getting the best prices when it comes to freight shipping, and that starts with choosing Freight Rate Central, Inc.. We work with over 1000 of the nations top freight companies to provide you with the best possible price for shipping without sacrificing excellent customer service! Visit our website today for your free instant online freight quote!

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