Arizona to New Jersey Freight Trucking Rates

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Arizona to New Jersey Freight shipping and trucking services are in high demand; Phoenix, AZ to Trenton, NJ is a very long traveled route.

The Phoenix to Jersey City route is a 2,450 mile haul that takes more than 1 day and 12 hours of driving to complete. Shipping from Arizona to New Jersey ranges from a minimum of 2,100 miles and 1 day 7 hours from Sanders, AZ to Trenton, NJ to over 2,655 miles and a minimum of 1 day and 15 hours on the road from Yuma, AZ to Mahwah, NJ. The shortest route from Arizona to New Jersey is along I-40 E through Albuquerque, Amarillo, Tulsa, St. Louis, Columbus and several other major cities making it an excellent path for LTL freight shipments.

Arizona Freight Shipping Quotes and Trucking Rates

Arizona to New Jersey Freight Rates

Arizona is one of the four corners states and home to the Grand Canyon. It shares one point with Colorado and borders New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and California. It also shares a 389-mile-long border with the country of Mexico. The southern part of the state is known for its desert climate, while the northern part has dense forests with variable weather. More than half of the state is made up of mountains, valleys and plateaus, with slightly over 12,500 feet between its highest and lowest points. The diverse climate and scenery draw an astounding number of people to the state each year, making tourism one of Arizona’s top industries. The Phoenix Metropolitan area is the most densely populated part of the state, and it is home to 65 percent of the state’s residents. Tucson and Flagstaff are also centers for Arizona freight and trucking.

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New Jersey Freight Shipping Quotes and Trucking Rates

Arizone to New Jersey trucking rates

Freight Rate Central offers people who need to ship freight to, from and inside New Jersey the industries best rates. It’s all about our efficient scheduling system and our wide variety of options, including provision for oversized, overweight and specialized loads. Get a free instant online freight quote and find out why our service is the best out there for New Jersey freight. Whether you need an estimate for a full truckload, or less than a truckload you can be looking at a quote in five minutes or less.

Arizona to New Jersey Freight shipping quotes and trucking rates vary at times due to the individual states industry needs. Since New Jersey is mainly industrial and Arizona is largely manufacturing but industrial as well, with many food processing and distribution centers, we see plenty of shipments by refrigerated trailer, flatbed as well as by the more common dry van trucks. Heavy Hauling Trucking services also run regularly from Trenton to Phoenix. Our Less Than Truckload (LTL) carriers in both Arizona and New Jersey are also running a number of regular services between the two states, and it’s an active route for heavy haul freight shipments, as well.

Arizona to New Jersey Freight Quotes & Trucking Rates

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