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Most freight carriers are focused on large business clients with frequent, regularly scheduled shipments. Here at Freight Rate Central, we offer a partial truckload service that can deliver all kinds of freight for all kinds of clients, not just full truckload, but our highly requested partial truckload, less than truckload and specialized trailers and services. We can arrange for pick up and delivery for small businesses and residences as well as larger companies with loading docks and forklifts, and our partial truckload service is an important part of that.

“Partial truckload” means that when it’s economical for our carriers to take shipments for two clients in a single truck, they can do so, offering you a low price for an efficient shipping service. Once you’ve got your free quote and have asked Freight Rate Central to be your trucking logistics service, we’ll let you know if your freight will be shipped as a partial truckload.

Partial Truckload Lift Gate Services

Partial Truckload Quotes

For our smaller clients who are shipping to or from residences and small to medium-sized businesses without a loading dock or forklift, we offer lift gate services to help with loading and unloading. These motorized platforms will raise and lower the shipped goods to ground level, which will help you to load and unload your shipment quickly and easily. Note that lift gate services will deliver goods to the entrance of the address; the driver is not responsible for moving the shipment to the interior of the building.

Partial Truckload: LTL Freight Shipping

Partial Trucking Rates

It’s not uncommon for shipments to have volumes that may or may not require a full truck, depending on the trailer size. For these types of shipments, we are sometimes able to pack together two or more partial truckload shipments into one full truckload. The advantage of this is that you can save money while still leveraging the low cost and security of commercial freight shipping.

Many residential consumers and small businesses shy away from professional freight services like the ones we offer at Freight Rate Central. They incorrectly believe that we can’t service their required destinations, or that we can’t or won’t ship Less Than Truckload or partial truckloads. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Here at Freight Rate Central, we service a wide range of clientele, including tens of thousands of residential and small business customers. By merging together two or more partial truckload clients with similar destinations, we are able to offer you Fortune-500 level freight pricing and service by simply leveraging the volume of shipments that we coordinate daily.

The Freight Rate Central Difference for Partial and LTL Shipping Services

Freight Rate Central is here to provide you with low partial truckload and LTL rates, bulk shipping rates, even if you’re not a high volume client. As a trucking logistics company, it’s our job to walk you through the process of shipping freight, including helping you to find the right carrier for your partial truckload shipment. No matter how small or large your shipment, where it originated and where it’s going, it’s important to us to provide you with top-notch customer service.

We have over 100 partners in the trucking business. They’re our carriers, and they offer partial trucking and LTL services as well as standard dry van shipping. Whether you need a large semi-truck for furniture, a refrigerated trailer for food specialties or a lowboy trailer that can handle a pre-manufactured house, we can find it for you and get you a low, commercial shipping rate, thanks to all of the business we’re able to provide to our carriers.

Because Freight Rate Central deals in high volumes and works with so many shipping companies, we’re able to offer the lowest partial rates in the industry. Our automated online quote calculator are also a big part of why we can offer such low rates. Better software equals a more efficient, timelier, less costly service.

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