Over Dimensional Freight

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Over Dimensional Freight

Freight Rate Central can ship your over dimensional freight from and to any point in the continental United States. We offer the best trucking services, and have the most equipment ranging from flatbed, stepdeck, RGN, Lowboy, Multi Axle Double Drop, RGN Extendable, Power Only, Stretch, and specialized trailers in the country to handle any load at any time. We have a wide range of equipment to handle any and all Over Dimensional shipments.

Every American state has limits on the length and width of the freight that can legally be hauled on its roads and interstates without a permit. However, sometimes special permission needs to be granted for freight that is over dimensional and cannot be subdivided into two or more shipments. Freight Rate Central can make all the necessary arrangements for shipping an over dimensional load, either within a single state or between states.

Over dimensional loads may or may not be over weight. What makes them a concern is that they do not fit the maximum length, width and height that trailers are normally expected to occupy. Over dimensional loads are hazards on the road; wide loads can interfere with travel in adjacent lanes, and unusually high loads are prone to tipping. Special permission is always required to transport over dimensional loads. They require permits and in many cases, pilot cars, and they may need to be transported during a specific time of day, when traffic is light.

What is classified as Over Dimensional Freight?

Oversize Shipment RatesThe cut-offs for over dimensional loads vary by state. Generally, loads over 8’-6” wide or 13’-6” high are considered over dimensional freight. The length that’s allowed varies greatly depending on how the roads are configured. States that have older, narrower roads with tighter curves tend to have more restrictions.

Common examples of over dimensional loads include:

  • Injection Molding Machine, Cranes, Bulldozers
  • Building components such as steel beams and precast elements
  • Industrial equipment such as manufacturing equipment and wind turbines
  • Construction equipment such as backhoes and lift equipment

What are Pilot Cars and When are They Required?

Oversize Trucking PriceOne or two pilot cars may be required to escort your over dimensional freight. Their purpose is to warn other drivers of the over dimensional vehicle, make sure the route is clear and safe and keep the driver of the main vehicle informed of road and traffic conditions. They are equipped with flashing lights and signs that let overtaking drivers and opposing traffic know the nature of the over dimensional freight and warn them to be cautious. In some circumstances, pilot cars may prevent other drivers from overtaking. State regulations dictate when pilot cars are required.

Freight Rate Central and Over Dimensional Freight

Different types of over-dimensionality present different challenges. For example, unusually long loads may be difficult to bring around curves and corners. High loads may not fit under bridges and may be too unstable to transport in high winds. Wide loads occupy more than a single lane and may also have stability issues. This is why working with a logistics company like Freight Rate Central is vital when you are planning to transport an over dimensional load. It’s important to take both regulations and specific road conditions into consideration. If you need to transport an over dimensional load, then call 1-800-870-6294 to discuss the details or request a quick quotation.

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