Pennsylvania to South Carolina Freight Trucking Rates

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Pennsylvania to South Carolina Freight shipping and trucking services are in high demand; Philadelphia to Columbia is a very heavily traveled route.

The Philadelphia, PA to Columbia, SC freight shipping lane is a 619 mile haul that takes more than 10 hours of driving to complete. Shipping from Pennsylvania to South Carolina ranges from a minimum of 433 miles and over 6 hours from Warfordsburg, PA to Rock Hill, SC, to over 798 miles and a minimum driving time of 12 hours on the road from Girard, PA to Hardeeville, SC. The shortest route from Pennsylvania to South Carolina is along I-95 S; however, there’s also a more western route that uses the I-81 S, passing through Statesville, NC and Roanoke, VA.


Pennsylvania Freight Shipping Quotes and Trucking Rates

Pennsylvania to South Carolina Trucking Rates

Straddling three regions of the country—east coast, midwest and south—Pennsylvania borders New York and New Jersey to the north and east, Ohio and Lake Erie to the west and Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia to the south. Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s largest city and Pittsburgh is a distant second; both cities are known as twentieth century industrial powerhouses and are charging into the twenty-first century with knowledge and service-based economies.

In addition to Lake Erie, the Delaware Estuary and Delaware River are important bodies of water in Pennsylvania. From the Appalachian Mountains to the Allegheny Plateau, Ridge and Valley to the Atlantic Coastal Plain through Piedmont and the Erie Plain, Pennsylvania has a varied landscape that supports farming, manufacturing, development and tourism.



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South Carolina Freight Shipping & Trucking

South Carolina to Pennsylvania Trucking Rates

The heart of the Old South, South Carolina is amazingly diverse for a state that ranks 40th in size in the US. The Blue Ridge Mountains delineate South Carolina’s northwest boundaries with North Carolina and Georgia. The Piedmont region is rolling hills, the aptly named Sand hills region is in the central part of the state, and the Outer and Inner Coastal Plains sweep to the Atlantic Ocean. South Carolina’s state capital, Columbia, is its largest city, with coastal Charleston coming in second. South Carolina’s diversity extends to the state’s climate. Summers are uniformly hot, but its coastal areas have mild winters, while the inland and upland areas of South Carolina see cooler winters with freezing rain and occasional snow. Freezing rain can make conditions hazardous for travel in the winter; bridges in the state are often marked “bridges freeze before roadways” for this reason. Tropical storms and spring rains are also common, although the state sees less hurricane and cyclone conditions than nearby North Carolina.




Pennsylvania to South Carolina Freight shipping quotes and trucking rates vary at times due to the individual states industry needs. Since Pennsylvania is mainly industrial, and South Carolina is mainly agricultural, with many food processing and distribution centers, trucking rates will vary at times due to the individual states industry needs. We see plenty of shipments by refrigerated trailer, flatbed trailer as well as by the more common dry van trucks. Our Less Than Truckload (LTL) carriers in both Pennsylvania and South Carolina are also running a number of regular services between the two states, and it’s an active route for heavy haul freight shipments, as well.



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