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New Jersey to Alabama Freight shipping and trucking services are in high demand; Newark to Birmingham is a very heavily traveled route.

The Newark, NJ to Birmingham, AL shipping lane is a 952 mile haul that takes more than 14 hours of driving to complete. Shipping from New Jersey to Alabama ranges from a minimum of 742 miles and 12 hours from Carneys Point Township, NJ to Flat Rock, AL, to over 1,182 miles and a minimum of 18 hours on the road from Frankford, NJ to Mobile, AL. The shortest route from New Jersey to Alabama is along the I-81 S corridor; however, there’s also a more southerly route that uses I-85 S, passing through Atlanta, Georgia.


New Jersey Freight Shipping Quotes and Trucking Rates

New Jersey to Alabama Freight Shipping Quotes and Trucking RatesNew Jersey’s state motto, “liberty and prosperity,” describes this second-wealthiest of the 50 US states well. The Garden State’s warm, humid summers, temperate spring and fall seasons and snowy winters help foster the rural agricultural areas that lie between metropolitan New York City to the north, Philadelphia to the south and the famous Jersey Shore along the Atlantic Ocean to the east. New Jersey’s largest cities are Newark, Jersey City and Patterson. State capitol Trenton’s motto, “Trenton makes, the world takes,” sums up New Jersey’s welcoming attitude toward commerce.



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Alabama Freight Shipping Quotes and Trucking Rates

Alabama to New Jersey Freight Shipping Rates

From the Gulf of Mexico to the Appalachian Mountains and from forests to factory farms, Alabama’s landscape is as diverse as its population. Because it is a southern state, ice and snow are seldom concerns in Alabama shipping. However, the summers can be dangerously hot and the storms can be extreme. Thunderstorms and tropical storms are common, especially in the southern part of the state, and hurricanes and tornados can also be hazards in Alabama freight shipping. The southern end of the Appalachian Mountain chain can be found in the northeastern part of Alabama and can pose shipping challenges, as well.




New Jersey to Alabama Freight shipping quotes and trucking rates vary at times due to the individual states industry needs. Since New Jersey is mainly industrial, and Alabama is more agricultural, with many manufacturing and distribution centers throughout, we see plenty of shipments by Flatbed as well as by Less Than Truckload (LTL) carriers. Our more common dry van trucks in both New Jersey and Alabama are also running a number of regular services between the two states, and it’s an active route for heavy haul freight shipments, as well.




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