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Freight Rate Central connects people who need to ship freight with carriers all over the continental US, and the most straightforward way to commission shipping is by the truckload. From straightforward dry van shipments to shipments tailored to specialized industries to the most complex super loads, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the best carriers for our clients’ needs at the lowest available truckload rates. Free, automatic and instantaneous quotations for truckload rates are available here on our website.

Freight Rate Central Offers Low Truckload Rates

When Freight Rate Central arranges a truckload shipment, we offer low, industry rates and we manage all the complexities of the journey, as well, taking into account everything from state shipping permits to construction delays. For oversized and super loads, we arrange for permits, pilot cars and anything else that may be required by state law. We handle the forms, and we handle the payments. All our clients need to do is tell us what, where and when, and we can handle the rest. Freight Rate Central takes the uncertainty out of shipping while delivering the lowest truckload rates in the business. We also offer our customers real-time shipment tracking online.

Truckload Rates, Straightforward Quotes

Our clients appreciate that with straightforward Truckload—and less-than-truckload—shipments, all it takes to access an accurate estimate is some basic information on the shipment and an online truckload Quick Quote form, with the results displayed instantly. No need to call and no need to wait for the quotation. Of course, if you do prefer to call us during business hours (mountain time), then we’re happy to help you work out the details and answer any questions you may have.

Not Sure You Need a Full Truckload?

A full truckload has its advantages. There’s usually only one pickup and one drop-off point, so the timing tends to be straightforward. The route can be planned with your priorities at the forefront, and there are plenty of different trucks and trailers available, from small to large. However, in some cases, a partial truckload or LTL shipment can be a better value. Some of our carriers will combine two shipments into a single large trailer, lowering fuel and personnel costs and saving you money. LTL shipments usually have several drop-off and pick-up points, and are a happy medium between full or partial truckload shipments and delivery services like UPS and FedEx. They give clients with a moderate amount of freight to ship a less expensive option.

Freight Rate Central offers the lowest truckload rates, partial truckload rates and less-than-truckload rates in the industry. Follow a link above to access our online estimation software and find out exactly how much you can save.

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