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You see them on the Interstate all the time. You see them lumbering down city streets and pulled up to the back of your favorite stores. They’re trucks–and they provide the transportation of goods that’s needed to keep this country’s economy rolling. Without the help of the trucking industry, our economy would be hit hard. The Freight Rate Central. partners with trucking lines to provide businesses nationwide with great rates and dependable service.

According to the United States Department of Transportation, trucks account for the largest sector of the freight shipping industry. They can deliver their goods efficiently and in good condition. For all businesses, these are the two aspects of shipping that are not taken lightly. That’s why The Freight Rate Central contracts with over 100 major carriers to provide superior service to our customers. Because we work with so many carriers, we’re able to offer you–our customer–the best possible price.

Give us a try. Fill out a short form on our website, submit it, and receive your free quote in seconds. It’s that easy! You won’t have to speak with a customer service representative unless you choose to. We believe our prices speak for themselves.

Once you’ve received your quote, why not shop around a little to see what other companies offer? Keep in mind that The Freight Rate Central offers free online shipment tracking as well. That can go a long way in helping you keep all of your shipments straight. Discover the The Freight Rate Central difference–and take advantage of what keeps our economy strong–the trucking industry.

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