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Freight ShippingEven before this country was founded, freight shipping was a vital part of the North American economy. For the past 100 years, we have relied on truck transportation to move materials and products across the continent, as well as distributing goods from overseas. The shipping industry has consistently expanded, which has helped millions of Americans maintain and improve their standard of living.

The freight shipping industry, however, is constantly changing. Trucking rules and regulations differ state-by-state and change regularly, oil and gas prices change by the minute, and even the roads and routes themselves change daily based on weather conditions and road work. Navigating this difficult world of freight shipping isn’t easy, which is why freight shipping services and Freight Rate Central exist.

Freight Shipping: Vital to the Economy

Freight Shipping PriceCompanies depend upon the freight industry to transport their materials, equipment and products. Without freight shipping, it would be virtually impossible for companies to thrive and our economy would suffer terribly. That said, the predicament that many business people face is choosing a shipping company. With Freight Rate Central. available to handle all shipping requests, the search is over.

To ensure that all our clients’ needs are covered, we employ a wide variety of shipping options, from small Less Than Truckload to large oversized and heavy haul loads. We can ship hazardous materials—this needs to be noted on the quote/order. We can ship both to and from commercial and residential addresses with our lift gate services, and we can ship internationally. Whatever your needs, Freight Rate Central has you covered!

What Freight Shipping Services are Right for Me

Low Cost Freight ShippingFreight Rate Central has the capacity to ship a wide variety of cargo in many different ways—we employ refrigerated trucks, flatbed trucks, dry vans, air cargo and intermodal transport, and we can handle truckloads and less-than-truckloads. No matter what you’re trying to ship, Freight Rate Central will find a way for it to get to its destination. As a customer, you’ll even be able to track your shipments with our online tracking system.

If you’re unsure about which freight truck type is most effective and safe for your shipment, simply give us a call. With a short discussion, we can determine the size and shipping dimensions of your goods or equipment, and then we will guide you towards the truck type that best suits your needs.

Low Cost – High Service: The Freight Rate Central Difference

Here at Freight Rate Central, we offer industry-leading discount freight shipping rates. By leveraging the hundreds of thousands of tons of freight that we ship regularly, we are able to negotiate rates that are up to 75% off of standard carrier rates. This allows us to offer discount shipping rates that are significantly cheaper than going direct through the carrier.

We aren’t only a discount freight shipping services company though. Service is always a top priority. We don’t just leverage our well-oiled relationships for bulk discounts, we also use them to ensure top-notch customer service. We bring a ton of business to the carriers we use, but wouldn’t hesitate to stop supplying business if our clients didn’t get the best service possible. When our clients use Freight Rate Central, they know that they’re getting: reliable delivery times, courteous and safe drivers, knowledgeable reps, online shipment tracking, reliable online quoting and more.

Ready to Test out our Freight Shipping Rates?

To find out just how great our shipping rates are, use our free, instantaneous online quote form. Once you fill it out and submit it, your results will appear instantly; you won’t even have to field a call from a customer service representative! We want you to be comfortable with our service, and we’ll do all that we can to ensure that. Contact us today for more information or visit our website to learn more about the company.

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