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Dry Van Rates

Dry vans are the most common type of trailer on the road; they’re non-climate controlled but they are usually rigid and the freight they haul is protected from the elements. Most dry vans open for loading and unloading at the back of the trailer, but some, called live bottom dry vans, can be loaded and unloaded from the top or bottom. Freight Rate Central can provide straight 26′, 48′, or standard 53′ dry van trailers. Specialized shipping options are part of what sets us apart.

Freight Rate Central can provide you with instantaneously generated dry van rates for truckload and less than truckload freight shipping within the US, whether you need to ship to the next town or coast to coast. Just try our Truckload or Less Than Truckload (LTL) Easy Quote system.

Your Dry Van Rates: Truckload or Less Than Truckload

Depending on the freight you need to ship, you may require one or more truckloads, a partial truckload or an LTL (Less Than Truckload) service. Since dry vans are so common and many standard routes are available through our thousands of carriers nationwide, rates are reasonable for almost any type of dry van shipment within the US. You may be looking for a dry van to ship tens of thousand of pounds of goods from Florida to California, or you may need to ship one pallet from Cleveland to Cincinnati. Either way, Freight Rate Central can almost certainly offer you a quick quotation that meets your schedule and your budget.

The Lowest Dry Van Rates

Dry Van QuotesBecause Freight Rate Central delivers so much business to our carriers, we have been able to negotiate low, industry-exclusive shipping rates that are as much as 75% below standard carrier rates. Because our overhead is low—we’re a small business operating out of Idaho—we can pass almost all of the savings on to our clients. That’s why our rates are the lowest you’ll find.

Of course, along with the low, bulk rates, you also get the benefit of our experience and expertise. We can minimize all your costs, and we can greatly reduce the risk of late shipments. If the information you enter into our online quotation is correct, then you can depend on the accuracy of the estimate, and you can access that quotation quickly and easily. If your needs are a little more complex—if you require an international shipment, or if your shipment is a super load, for example—then someone at our office will be able to help you personally: just call 1-800-870-6294.

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