Why shipping by truck is sometimes the only option!

Freight Rate Central

There are so many forms of freight transportation today that move freight and equipment across the country and the world, from trains, to cargo ships, and airplanes to trucks. The shipping industry is a vast network of multiple modes of transportation all working seamlessly together to move the everyday products needed to keep the economy moving! Heavy haul trucking is one of the many examples of freight transportation used today and is a very important one, because some cargo is so large and heavy that the only way it can be transported to its destination is by truck. Machinery and equipment is so large that the use of oversize trailers and specialty trailers need to be used, large tanks, the giant blades for the wind turbines, airline parts. All items either so large or long that the only possible way to get them to their destination is the use of semi truck, or a combination of several trucks and multiple trailers.


specialized trucking ratesOn the more everyday use side of things, the farming and construction industries use heavy haul trucking in their everyday operations. Construction companies aside from moving supplies and possibly building materials for a certain project, use these trucking methods to haul their construction equipment to job sites where the work will be performed. This equipment, such as, loaders, excavators, scrapers, and many more, are often so large that they require specific trailers that allow the equipment to be transported by truck while meeting certain height and width regulations. Farmers also utilize the use of heavy haul trucking, some farming equipment, such as combines, tractors, and all the trailers and attachments for them sometimes need to be moved to and from different locations, and the only way that can be done is by trucking. When it comes to heavy haul trucking there is only one name you can trust to provide the best rates, and the best service for your shipping needs, and that company is Freight Rate Central, Inc… Freight Rate Central works with over 100 of the top shipping companies to leverage you exceptional rates for shipping your cargo, they also provide a free instant quotation system and online tracking! What are you waiting for? Get your free freight quote today!

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