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In the past, shipping for smaller businesses used to be an expensive cost of doing business. There are a vast number of small businesses that don’t ship freight in large quantities; this often meant shipping a small load on a large truck for the price of a large shipment. Freight prices changed dramatically for smaller businesses with a freight service called LTL shipping also known as Less Than Truckload shipping. What does this mean? It means a freight shipping company will combine multiple shipments from several companies into a single truckload, so now you have multiple businesses splitting the cost of a single truckload. This equals big savings for businesses; this has also benefited the shipping industry with an increase in shipping from these smaller businesses.


LTL Shipping ServicesWho provides these partial truckload services? There is only one choice when it comes to LTL or partial truckload services, that company is Freight Rate Central, Inc… Freight Rate Central is a 3PL that specializes in all kinds of freight shipments, from full truckload to partial truckload services and many more! One of the many benefits of working with Freight Rate Central is they work with over 100 different freight carriers, working with so many of the countries top freight carriers means they can leverage huge savings on shipments, that means lower costs for the customers while providing the professional and experienced transportation services of the top shipping carriers in the country. It doesn’t matter if you are a multi-million dollar company, a small business, or an individual shipping an item from home, Freight Rate Central will offer the same low price shipping rates for your LTL shipment. Visit our website today and get a free instant freight quote today for your shipment, we also provide online tracking of your orders, this can provide an added peace of mind when shipping your cargo!

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