We Are The Leading Long Haul Trucking & Freight Shipping Service Provider!

Freight Rate Central

At Freight Rate Central, we have a lot of experience leading the way and sustaining excellence over the long term. Thanks to our cutting edge integrations, and freight shipping team of experts, we’ve earned a reputation as the leading long haul company nationwide. However great the distance, we maintain the highest level of safety, efficiency, and performance every mile of the way. We are in it for the long haul you might say 😉

We’re driven to perform. We operate on the principle that every aspect of long haul freight service should be optimized for excellence. That means you can count on our long haul shipping services for smarter routing, on-time performance, simple and convenient tracking and billing, and so much more. Stop spending more to get fewer benefits—at Freight Rate Central, we give you all the advantages at a far better rate.

We insist on the best. Our dedication to excellence is why we ensure that only the best carriers will handle your freight. That’s also why we employ the most knowledgeable freight shipping professionals. At Freight Rate Central, we share the belief that strategic expertise is achievable across the board and essential to providing the best customer service. In an industry that’s built entirely on meeting our customers’ needs, you are our top priority!

We take the hassle out of the long haul. At Freight Rate Central, we obsess over every detail of shipping so you don’t have to. Put us to work and watch your long haul shipping process turn into the easiest part of your day. All of it is leveraged to your advantage by our team of logistics experts.

In short, we go the distance. Find out the lengths that Freight Rate Central will go for you. Get free instant freight quotes or call us at 1-800-870-6294.

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