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According to the United States Department of Transportation, “efficient, safe, and secure freight transportation helps form the foundation upon which our nation’s economic strength rests.” The reliability and efficiency of the industry helped to drive the growth and prosperity that our country has enjoyed. If these services were to disappear or simply erode, it would seriously compromise our economic stability as a nation.

There are several ways the freight industry keeps our economy moving. Freight Transportation can take place using planes, railroads, flatbed trucks, refrigerated trucks, dry vans, semi-trailers, or a combination of all of these (called intermodal transportation). Moving goods and products from one end of the country to the other with such efficiency can only be achieved through the coordination of all of these modes of freight transportation services. If you’re looking for a great way to ship using one of these methods, try The Freight Rate Central.

We partner with over 100 major carriers to provide our customers with the very best in service and pricing. We pass the savings we receive from the large shipping companies on to you, our valued customer. You don’t even have to sign a shipping contract to receive the good deals!

Reliable shipping at a reasonable price is not so hard to find after all. The Freight Rate Central is your one-stop company for all of your shipping needs. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about the status of shipment thanks to our online shipment tracking system. Give The Freight Rate Central a try, and you’ll notice a difference in the freight transportation services you get!

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