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Have you suddenly come to the realization that you’re paying too much for shipping? Maybe that’s not the case–maybe you recently started a business and need a way to transport your merchandise to your customers. Online businesses can spend a lot of money shipping their products. Whether you want to change shipping companies because you’re currently paying too much, or you’re shopping around for your first freight carrier, take The Freight Rate Central. into consideration.

The Freight Rate Central works with freight lines to offer our customers the best possible shipping experience. We will work with anyone who needs to transport an item–it makes no difference whether you’re a small or large company. You’ll be treated in the same friendly and professional manner no matter what. We believe that even if you have a small shipment, your items are just as valuable to us as someone who ships hundreds of items each week.

You have options when you ship with The Freight Rate Central. You can choose from LTL, air cargo, truckload, intermodal, dry van, refrigerated truck, and flatbed services. We’ll even find alternate means of delivering your item if it’s necessary. If you need it shipped, we’ll get it there.

Find out exactly how much it will cost for you to ship your item with us–you might be surprised! We have the ability to pass on incredible rates to our customers. In fact, our prices are the lowest in the industry. Get a free instant online quote on our website to find out just how much money you can save by using The Freight Rate Central.

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