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Engine Shipping

The Internet has made it possible to trade, purchase and sell items in a way that was previously impossible. With this revolution, the shipping industry has seen an increase in demand for its services. One expanding area of this digital-connection boom is engine shipping. To get a quick, free quote on the cost of engine shipping right now, go to our freight quoting page.

As car, truck and equipment engines are increasingly designed specifically for one make and model or a narrow assortment of models, interstate and cross-country shipping has become necessary for maintaining vehicles and getting them the exact engines and parts that they require. Shipping engines, however, require a certain finesse, as they can’t be overexposed to environmental conditions, they must be properly prepared for travel, and they often require an LTL (Less Than Truckload) trailer of a specific type. Larger engines like jet engines, truck engines and heavy machinery engines may require oversized trailer shipments to accommodate their size.

For your engine shipping needs, trust Freight Rate Central to make your transport a success.

Types of Engine Shipping Options We Can Offer

Crated MotorFreight Rate Central has several options for companies or individuals who are looking to ship an engine. You can choose from LTL, air cargo, truckload, or intermodal forms of transportation. We contract with over 100 major carriers to provide you with the broadest range of shipping methods possible. We also do this to ensure that we can offer you the best rates in the industry.

When you’re ready to ship your engine, take a look at Freight Rate Central. We have the ability to ship your item safely and at a great price. Don’t pay more for shipping when you can receive great customer service and dependable carriers for a lower price. Experience the Freight Rate Central difference today!

Types of Engines We Ship

Engine Transport

Here at Freight Rate Central, we work hard to offer the largest array of shipment types available on the market. This one-stop-shop policy means that no matter what type of goods, material, equipment or machinery you have, we can get it from A to B, safely.

There are a number of engines that we can safely and effectively ship. We can arrange for the shipment of:

  • Aircraft and space propulsion engines;
  • Automotive engines, including diesel and regular gas engines;
  • Model engines;
  • Railway/locomotive engines;
  • Marine engines, including outboard motors, tugboat motors and more;
  • Heavy machinery and equipment engines; and Tractor trailer engines.

How do I Ship my Engine / Motor Safely, And What Is Needed From Me?

As noted above, shipping engines is a delicate business. Not only do they require additional care during shipment (which we provide, of course!), but they need to be properly prepared for shipment to ensure their safe arrival and an environmentally sound shipping process.

To ensure a safe shipping process, Freight Rate Central requires all engine shipping clients to prepare their engines with the following measures:

  • Drain all the oils and other fluids from the engine to prevent leakage during shipment. Leaked oil can cause the engine to come loose from its shipping restraints.
  • Place the engine in the middle of a flat pallet or large board, ensuring that this packaging is big enough to provide a base larger than the engine itself. Ideally, you’ll want at least a four inch border that extends beyond the edges of the motor/engine.
  • Before placing the engine on the shipping surface, place an absorbent material between the engine and the surface to soak up any remaining fluids and to provide a cushioned barrier.
  • Once the engine is position in the middle of the pallet or strong board, tie it down with industrial tie downs, steel banding, industrial-strength plastic straps, or strong ropes or chains. The ideal tie-downs are strong ratcheting straps.

When packing the engine, be sure to leave a pathway clear to all fluid-intake areas, as the driver will need to check with a dip stick to ensure that the engine has been properly drained.

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