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Case Shipping is available in all sorts of different sizes, colors, and can suit a variety of purposes. They are meant to protect the cargo during transit, keeping it surrounded by foam to ensure that it moves very little. Some of them also have wheels and handles to make them easy to load and unload.

For the most part, these types of cases would be used in truckload, less than truckload, air cargo, and possibly intermodal shipping scenarios. If you are shipping fragile items, the case shipping can make the difference between your item arriving in one piece or several pieces. In turn, they will ultimately save you money because you will have fewer products that are damaged during shipping a mishap that can seriously cut into your profits.

The Freight Rate Central encourages you to ship items that are fragile or delicate in case shipping. Though every shipment we process will be handled with care, it is always better to have a second layer of protection between the item and a potential accident. By choosing The Freight Rate Central, you’ll receive the best customer service possible, and that includes our dedication to carefully delivering fragile cargo.

Not only will you receive great customer care, but you’ll also enjoy discounted rates that you won’t find anywhere else. You can check out our pricing by filling out an online form and submitting it. You’ll receive the results instantly. We’re sure that you’ll find them to be affordable. Let The Freight Rate Central take care of your precious cargo of case shipping, while you attend to other business matters.

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