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California trucking rates

While many people would assume that California-based freight trucking carriers and providers would have the lowest California trucking rates for shipments within and to-and-from the state, this simply isn’t true.

Here at Freight Rate Central, we move millions of tons of products, machinery and equipment across this country constantly. That means we bring a lot of business and cash to small carriers and small networks of providers. This large volume of business allows us to negotiate steep price drops in the form of bulk discounts.

Our rates aren’t the only thing that separates us from the crowd, though—we also offer exceptional customer service. We have implemented an easy-to-use, one of a kind online online freight quoting system, and an online tracking system that gives our customers round-the-clock access to information. We also have friendly and knowledgeable customer service trucking rate specialists who are standing by to help..

California Trucking Services for the State of Industry

California Freight Rates

Did you know that if California were a country, it would have the sixth largest economy in the world? That’s right—California’s economy is even bigger than Texas’ or New York’s, with New York State’s economy only 70% the size of California’s. But then again, California does $1.2 trillion worth of business annually.

With a $1.2 trillion economy, it should come as no surprise that trucking in the state of California is a big deal. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, although most trucks are used for short distances, close to one million trucks travel up to 200 miles from their home base in California. Even back in 1994, there were 2.7 million trailer and semi-trailer registrations in California. That’s a lot of trucking.

California not only ships a large quantity of products, machinery and equipment, it also has a very diverse shipping trade. California trucking is used by a wide variety of industries, including the state’s largest. California ships:

  • Agricultural products, most notably dairy products, grapes, avocados, oranges, strawberries, tomatoes and cattle
  • Aerospace, telecommunications and other high tech equipment
  • Equipment for the motion picture and sound industries
  • Construction and engineering equipment
  • and much more!

What this California trucking industry boom has created is a patchwork of freight shipment providers and carriers that travel to, from and within California.

How Can You Get the Lowest California Trucking Rates Available?

Low Cost Freight Shipping

Getting the lowest California trucking rates available isn’t hard—just come to Freight Rate Central. Here at Freight Rate Central, we’re able to negotiate the hundreds of thousands of tons of freight we move regularly into steep discounts for our clients.

To get a quote for our California trucking rates, simply click on the “get a quote” button above. You’ll be able to use the Freight Rate Central quote form instantly, without a call from a customer service representative (unless you want to talk to us!). Isn’t that what you need: a shipping company that will provide excellent service at a great price, without any hassle?

Getting a quote couldn’t be simpler. Click on the “get a quote” button on the menu and then enter in your shipment information. Give Freight Rate Central a try today and experience everything that sets us apart from our competition!

The Freight Rate Central Freight Trucking Difference

If you need to ship something within California, to California or from California, why not use Freight Rate Central? We offer a variety of shipping methods to our customers. Everything from LTL to air cargo service is available. We can provide logistics for shipment by train and air as well as by truck; just let us know what you need and we’ll do all we can to provide it for you.

Besides being able to provide for all of your shipping needs, we’ll fit within your company’s budget. We have established contracts with over 100 major carriers to offer you, our customer, the best rates in the industry. We know that shipping costs can make the difference between a profitable year and simply breaking even for a small to mid-sized company. That’s why we strive to offer you the very best prices around.

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