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Trucking RatesIf you need to estimate the cost of shipping freight within the US or internationally, Freight Rate Central can help. Just use our free Truckload Rate & Quoting system or call 1-800-870-6294 to speak directly with Freight Rate Central staff.

Freight Rate Central offers all our clients – businesses, individuals and organizations – bulk, discounted trucking rates and logistics management. We will keep your trucking rates low and your shipments on schedule.

Ensure Your Shipment Details are The Most Accurate to Secure The Best Trucking Rates

Freight Trucking RatesIn order to cost out your particular shipment, you will need to have detailed information on its measurements and dimensional weight. If your freight can be boxed, loaded onto pallets and secured, then it should be easy to get accurate trucking rates. All you need to do is determine the dimensional weight, which is related to the density of the goods. The dimensional weight is a key factor in shipping costs, and it guarantees that carriers will be adequately compensated for their time, equipment and fuel use even if the load is very light.

If your freight is unusually large or oddly shaped, then you may need to discuss the requirements with Freight Rate Central staff before trucking rates can be accurately estimated. Freight Rate Central can arrange for the transport of oversized loads, over dimensional shipments and over weight freight with a wide variety of cab and trailer types available. Large and unusual shipments are more costly, but we can provide an accurate estimate if we have all the information we need.

Other factors that affect trucking rates include:

• Whether or not there are loading docks at the pick-up and drop-off points.
• Whether the pick-up and drop-off points are in residential areas, which tend to have narrower roads and are more difficult to navigate in trucks.
• Whether the goods are new or used and other factors that might affect insurance costs.
• Whether you are shipping hazardous freight.
• Whether refrigerated transport is required.
• Whether the shipment requires special permits: over weight, over dimensional, etc.
• Whether the shipment requires pilot cars.
• Whether the shipment is a full or partial truckload.

How Freight Rate Central Can Get You the Lowest Trucking Rate

Discount Trucking RatesFreight Rate Central is a logistics company that can provide discount pricing and management services for interstate and international trucking. Because we have thousands of carriers across the US as partners and we provide them with a steady stream of business, we are able to negotiate trucking rates that are as much as 75% below the rates you would be quoted if you called a carrier directly.

Freight Rate Central handles the paperwork and the planning, and we keep you informed of the progress of your shipment online, in real time. To access the lowest trucking rates in the industry, as well as tapping our logistics knowledge and experience, give us a call or click on the tab above for an online quotation

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