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image of the Freight Rate Central Freight Quote Rating ToolFast, accurate freight quotes are critical for budget planning and financial accountability. They are also easy to obtain, thanks to our fully automated, online freight quote rating tool. Give it a try, and you’ll find out just how reasonable our shipping rates are.

Once you have secured your online freight quote you will be well on your way to moving your shipment to its final destination. To turn a quote into a shipment pickup, you can simply call us to schedule it, and we handle all the details from there!

What Consumers and Businesses Request Online Freight Quotes

Freight quotes are a requirement for managers in a number of businesses and industries, from construction to nanotechnology. Here are just a few of the many types of businesses that our bulk-priced freight shipping services benefit:

  • technology
  • construction
  • mining
  • automotive parts and materials
  • food products
  • heavy manufactured goods
  • lumber and other natural resources
  • gas and oil
  • furniture
  • light manufacturing
  • metals
  • and many more!

Our fully automated online quotation system will almost instantaneously give you an accurate quote that can be turned into a shipment order. Our online quotation system will help ensure that your products are shipped across the United States and internationally with ease, efficiency and within budget, thanks to our bulk rates.

What Information is Needed to Secure an Accurate Freight Quote?

To secure an accurate quote from Freight Rate Central, you will need to know the exact location and destination of your shipment and its weight and size. Please note that future alterations to the shipment size and shipment route can cause variances in pricing.

Here’s the type of specific information you need to secure a dependable freight quote:

  • The shipping origin;
  • The shipping destination
  • Whether the origin and destination are residences or businesses
  • whether the origin and destination have loading docks or forklifts
  • The required trailer type – dry van (Enclosed), flat bed, specialized, low boy, power only, refrigerated dry van, etc
  • The packaging type — pallets, crated, bagged, baled, boxed, bundled
  • The total weight of goods in pounds or kilos
  • The dimensions of your shipment in inches
  • The type of transporation service needed – Less Than Truckload (LTL), Partial Truckload, or Full Truckload

You will also need to know whether your shipment is domestic, international or Less Than Truckload; we handle LTL shipments as well as full truckloads! If you are going to be shipping hazardous materials, this needs to be included in the quote, as specialized equipment may be required.

The more accurate the information that you provide, the more accurate our online quote generator will be. If all of your initial information is accurate, then you can depend upon the accuracy of the quotation.

When you purchase freight services from Freight Rate Central, you can be assured that the process is simple, that your shipment will arrive safely and that it will arrive on time, too. We even offer optional guaranteed transit times for our time-sensitive customers. All our shipments are insured via the carrier.

Are There Any “Extra” Fees?

All our fees are calculated based on the information that you provide during the quotation process. If you fill out all the steps thoroughly and accurately, then there should not be any additional fees.

During your online freight quotation process, you will be asked a number of questions in order to assess ‘accessorial’ fees. These fees are “accessory” or “add-on” fees that are necessary due to certain details of your shipping request. Common accessorial fees—which are included in your online freight quote—include, but aren’t limited to: shipments with an origin or destination at a residential address, lift gate services for points of shipment that do not have a loading dock or fork lift, loading/unloading from the interior of a building and last-minute rescheduling.

For answers to commonly asked questions, see our freight FAQ pages. Get started with your online freight quotes today by hopping over to our accurate, instant freight quoting system.

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