What are specialized trailers used for?

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The freight industry is responsible for shipping millions of tons of products, goods, equipment and anything else you can think of daily. These items are shipped in all sorts of trailers ranging from dry vans, refrigerated trailers, flatbed trailers and any other number of configurable trailer types delivering from businesses to residents across the United States. Sometimes there comes a need to have something shipped that is larger, an unusual size or shape, or heavier than normal items. These items require a different type of trailer, a specialized trailer, just like the name states these specialized trailers are designed to help accommodate loads that come with complications or restrictions for normal transportation.



specialzied trucking costSome of the industries that require the use of specialized trailers are construction, manufacturing, tanks; commercial vehicles and heavy equipment manufacturing utilize these trailers because of the large and sometimes over dimensional size of the load needing transported. The great thing about specialized trailers is they can be configured with several different trailers, multiple axles, and extended trailers to help configure the right setup for loads that vary in long lengths, heavy loads, or exceedingly tall cargo. Some of the different types of trailers used in a specialized trailer configuration are RGN trailers, step deck trailers, low boy trailers, stretch flatbed trailers, and multi axle overweight freight trailers. Freight Rate Central can take the complications out of shipping your unusual load or cargo with the use of a specialized trailer system, using the proper method of shipping will save you time and money.

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