Why wait for a freight quote?

Freight Rate Central

Is it an Instant Freight quote you seek? The search for the infamous free “instant” freight quote has you wondering, is there such a thing? So after months a searching the internet far and wide you finally find the motorcycle, car, pool table of your dreams, but wouldn’t you know, it’s halfway across the United States. But that isn’t going to stop you right? So begins the search for the cheapest way to have your hopefully soon to be acquired treasure shipped to your house, but who to choose? Every freight company’s website you click on leads you on with the promise of a free instant freight quote for shipping your freight. But after several minutes on each website entering in your information as accurately as possible, you are left with a huge wave of disappointment as your promise of an instant quote is met with a message stating that a representative will contact you within 48 hours. 48 hours? Who has the patience to wait this long, or what if my item is no longer available?


Relax…there is hope. This is where Freight Rate Central comes through with their free instant freight quotation system! A very quick and easy format to use, enter your package size, weight, locations, and a few more pieces of information and your quote is delivered instantly to your email address! It’s that simple, not to mention they have an amazing staff that can help you along the way if you have any questions. Freight Rate Central also has the internets best prices for freight shipping, they ship freight nationally as well as worldwide! So just remember there is only one place to stop for your freight quote, Freight Rate Central!

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