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As the demand for truck drivers continues to grow in every state across the U.S., continues to serve as the industry’s most reliable job site helping more job seekers find the highest paying truck driving jobs available today. is affiliated with the industry’s top hiring companies and gets exclusive access to the most current job listings for the best truck driving jobs in every category and location across the nation. In addition to giving job seekers first dibs on immediate job openings, also fast tracks applicants to the top of the hiring managers’ lists and matches potential candidates to their personal criteria of best available jobs. More than just a job site, is also the industry’s one stop shop providing the most up to date information about truck driver training and CDL requirements, specialized trucking driving jobs, insider advice and tips, and the top headline stories in daily trucking news.

Truckers Forum

Truckers Forum is the fastest growing on-line community for truck drivers to meet, ask questions, share their experiences and finally have a voice about the industry they work in. Just as technology is changing many other aspects about the trucking industry itself, today’s generation of truck drivers are turning off the CBs and turning to smart phones and social media as a way to stay connected during long hauls on the road. While Facebook and Twitter are still the most widely used social media platforms worldwide, Truckers Forum is quickly becoming the most popular network for truck drivers across the U.S. and Canada. This forum for truck drivers by truck drivers has proven to be an invaluable fellowship offering the most accurate information about the realities of freight hauling and a community of comrades able to have open discussions on any subject they choose.

6148885e9a12cf9b3160bb125df6b5de is the best on-line resource for truck drivers to get the most up to date, accurate information about all types of trucking driving jobs and insider advice on how to optimize their earning potential, and make the most of their truck driving career.


Unlike many trucking websites that have a vested interest in recruiting drivers for specific companies, provides a comparative overview listing all of the major U.S. trucking companies and their current salaries for various types of truck driving positions. For many, truck driving can be an enjoyable and prosperous career and is focused on helping both new and experienced drivers obtain that by making the best choices based on their personal interests and aptitudes. The website provides a full list of top rated truck driving training programs in every state across the U.S. and devotes an entire section to the reality, requirements and salary expectations for every type of truck driving job. is today’s absolute best on-line tool for preparing truck drivers to pass their Commercial Driver License tests with 100% confidence. There is no way around putting in solid hours of studying to learn the essentials of truck driving, but there is a better way to fully prepare for the mandatory DMV tests. is a free service preparing truck drivers for their CDL tests by offering exclusive access to sample tests that are closest to the real tests administered by the DMV. You can take the practice tests as many times as you need and choose from various tests designed for every CDL category:


  • Air Brake
  • Hazmat Freight
  • Tanker Fleets
  • Prior to trip Inspections
  • Doubles and Triples
  • Combination Trucks
  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class B-P Test

The website also prepares truck drivers to enter the industry with an accurate perspective on choosing the right company and opportunity best suited to their individual needs.

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