Trade Show and Exhibition Show Shipping!

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What is an exhibition or trade show you say? I’m glad you asked! A trade or exhibit show is an organized exhibition show that allows companies in a specific industry to showcase their current products and services, study competitors activities, discover new market trends and opportunities, and meet new customers and industry partners. One of the great things that trade show or exhibition shows can accomplish for your company is the ability to spread the word to others in your industry or new customers about the new products or services you have. One of the many obstacles to tackle when showcasing your business at a trade show is standing out from the rest, and sometimes that requires a large exhibit, display, or a truckload of products and merchandise to be displayed at your events.



Exhibit shipping ratesWhat are typical trade show shipping, and exhibit shipping rates or costs? How do you get your displays and products from trade show to trade show? Let me explain! Using a freight shipping and trucking company like Freight Rate Central. will greatly reduce your trade show shipping rates and costs, and can insure your products and exhibits are transported and handled with professionalism and care. Freight Rate Central has the expertise in ensuring your products are where they need to be, when they need to be there. They can transport temporary structures, displays, products and machinery and anything else needed to the exhibition site. From there your items should be handled by a drayage contractor. Drayage is the transport of goods over a short distance. A drayage contractor or handler would be responsible for making sure your cargo is transported from the freight carrier to the exhibition site. Once your products and displays are inside it would be up to you or your hired personnel to setup up your exhibit and enjoy showcasing your business. You have enough to worry about without having to worry about the transportation end of your show; Freight Rate Central can provide you with step by step tracking throughout the shipping process so you can focus on being well prepared for the trade show! Get a Trade Show Quotes or Exhibit Shipping Rates right here!

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