The Most Common Mistakes Made in Freight Shipping

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The Most Common Mistakes Made in Freight Shipping

When you have a shipment, no matter how large or small, you want everything to go off without a hitch. Unfortunately, though, that isn’t always the case. Mistakes are part of being human, but being aware of the most common shipping mistakes can help you avoid them.


Here are some of the most common mistakes made in freight shipping:

Only relying on one carrier.

Having business loyalties is great, but when it comes to shipping, you could be taking a risk. Your shipping needs could change over time, the company could downsize their operations, or your company could grow to more than they can handle.

A much smarter approach is to use a third party, like Freight Rate Central, who works with multiple carriers to ensure your needs are always met — and at a fair price.

Listing the wrong address.

This is a simple mistake that can create A LOT of hassle. Ultimately, your shipment will end up at the wrong location and will need to be tracked down. If you had a deadline, you’ve wasted precious time, and potentially made a bad impression.

Always double –or triple– check your Bill of Lading to be sure the address is accurate. It’s also advisable to have another set of eyes check to make sure you’re not missing something.

Listing the wrong weight or freight class.

If you don’t have a proper weighing station to weigh your shipments, you probably took a guesstimate. If your guess is off and the shipment is re-weighed, fees will be tacked onto your bill. Small fees add up quickly, and you could end up spending a pretty penny.

The same goes with freight classes. The lower the class, the lower the price, so people often try to class their shipments as low as possible. If it’s wrong, it will be caught, and a reclassification fee will be added onto your bill, which could result in spending even more money than if the shipment had been classed properly in the first place.

Improper packaging.

If your shipment isn’t packaged properly, it could be damaged. It’s up to the customer to package the shipment properly, and if it’s determined the damage was due to improper packaging, you may not be able to make a damage claim.

Always consult with professionals when packaging shipments to ensure it is being done properly. A few extra minutes packing away a shipment are worth it if your cargo freight arrives intact and unscathed.

Signing the delivery receipt without inspecting the shipment.

Inspecting the freight when it is delivered before signing the delivery receipt is crucial. A clean receipt without notes could lead carriers to believe that the shipment was fine upon delivery, and that the damage took place afterwards.

If there is any suspected damage and it is noted before signing, it’s a lot easier to recover those damages and move forward with your claim.

Shipping mistakes can be avoided as long as you do your research. If you find yourself with any questions or reservations, Freight Rate Central is here to assist you and ensure you don’t spend any hard-earned money on a simple mistake.

Though Freight Rate Central is centrally located in Idaho, we service all across the United States. We aim to provide the most efficient and economical shipping for all of our clients, and work with a number of servicers to ensure you get only the best rates no matter your shipping needs. We take care of the details both big and small, so you can rest easy with your shipments in our hands. Contact us today at 1-800-870-6294 to learn more about our services, or visit us online to request a free quote.

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