Different types of Pick-up Delivery locations.

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Sometimes shipping services are required that have special pick-up delivery locations, most typical deliveries are transferred from business to business. A business location is pretty self explanatory… but is it? Most business locations usually have a dedicated area of the building setup for deliveries; these can include loading docks, or large bay doors, making delivery and pick-up easier for large trucks. Sometimes deliveries and pick-ups are not as convenient for shipping companies but are an essential part of keeping business and freight moving in the shipping world. Some terms that are used to define these types of deliveries are residential shipping or non-commercial, limited access, and construction sites.

The option for residential shipping works just as it sounds; a truck makes a pickup or delivery at a residential address or a typical home. Since not every house has a driveway or area suitable enough for a semi truck and trailer to park, then typically they need to park in the street for loading and unloading.

*Some other types of residential / non-commercial locations include: apartment complexes, dormitories, and private residences such as farms and ranches.

Another scenario shipping companies may also encounter is limited access, this can mean a couple of different things. In some cases limited access may refer to the area where deliveries are made, there may only be enough room for a smaller delivery truck to gain access for delivery. Another way to look at this type of service is if you’re delivering a shipment to a commercial establishment that is not open to the walk-in public, this limits entry times to personnel availability and certain times of the day.

*Some examples of limited access points may include construction sites, fairs and carnivals, military bases/installations, mine sites, prisons, schools or universities, churches, storage facilities, piers, airports, farm or ranches, campgrounds, zoos, reservations, government facilities, hotels/motels or resorts, hospitals, doctor’s offices and small strip malls.

Business pick-up locationsThe last type of delivery on our list is the construction site; this refers to deliveries being made to sites where construction crews are operating heavy machinery and equipment. These types of sites may include the construction of buildings, roads, bridges, or other structures. Construction site access can be limited dependent on what equipment is operating or crews availability to assist in loading or unloading of shipment. While these methods of shipment sometimes require extra times and fees depending on each shipments special circumstances, using a freight company like Freight Rate Central, Inc. can ensure that you get the same great prices and service as customers using our commercial services. Freight Rate Central saves you money by leveraging rates with over 1000 major freight carriers to get you the best possible rates. Stop by our website and get a free instant freight quote today!

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