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Hauling is an art form…when hauling an art form!


Sterling Ruby 2TrapsRecently we were contracted to haul a very large piece of art from Venus Over Manhattan art gallery in New York clear across the country to their art gallery In Los Angeles. This doesn’t seem like any real challenge does it? But what if the piece of art is a one of a kind giant bus from none other than Sterling Ruby? That’s when precise measures for the safety of your freight during transportation comes into play! The loading, securing, transportation, and unloading procedures has to be exact when hauling a one of a kind piece of metal artwork on wheels weighing above thirty thousand pounds! A lot of planning, preparation, and implementation goes into the loading and unloading of this kind of artistic, and uniquely designed artwork onto and off of a truck and trailer, but it also needs to be secured down properly, and properly wrapped to remain protected from the elements.



Shrink Wrapped Ruby Sterling BusSo when Venus contacted us to move the Sterling Ruby’s “2Traps” Bus from Venus over Manhattan art studio to the Venus over Los Angeles art studio… keeping this piece of art well protected during transportation was our number one priority! With a heavy duty shrink wrap applied to the bus before being loaded onto the trailer, it effectively ensured that the bus would remain protected from rain, wind, rock chips and any other unpredictable weather situations that might arise. Then the bus was carefully loaded on a specialized flatbed trailer (landoll) which was used to winch the bus safely onto the deck, and provide a secured transit throughout the 2800 mile trek across the country to its destination In LA. After being secured, loaded, and with the proper permits in place, the load was off to arrive safely at its destination.



Sterling Ruby bus loading

It doesn’t matter what you need hauled or transported, big or small, precious work of art or some old rusty car parts. Point is we work hard to make sure every shipment we make is treated the same and makes it to its destination safely and securely. You can check out more of what we have to offer and get a free freight quote here: https://freightratecentral.com/

Sterling Ruby Bus - Freight Transport


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