What is a full truckload shipping service?

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Truckload or full truckload shipping is the act of filling an entire trailer with goods to transport across the United States. Generally a freight carrier will contract an entire load to a single customer. The Interstate Highway System brought about a great change in the transportation of goods across the country in the 1950’s. Before the expansion of the highway system the vast majority of goods were transported by train across the country. Since then, truckload carriers have made merchandise transportation from door to door much easier by taking advantage of the interstate system. With the increase in truckload freight transportation and utilizing distribution centers to move truckloads of freight from one center to the other, this has greatly reduced the time it takes to transport freight from the manufacturer to different areas of the country for distribution.



FTL RatesFull truckload carriers usually arrange a trailer to be delivered to a shipper; they will then fill the trailer with freight to be delivered to its destination. The shipper will load the trailer with a multitude of different freight configurations which include pallets, crates, corrugated fiber board boxes, or other sturdy shipping containers. The trailers are carefully loaded and secured for transportation. Sometimes truckload shipments are configured into individual containers; these can be further shipped by LTL carriers. Truckload carriers ship a wide variety of items across the United States everyday; because of this sometimes truckload carriers will often specialize in moving certain types of freight. Some carriers will only haul certain kinds of freight because different equipment and insurance is required for different types of freight. Whether your shipment is big or small, Freight Rate Central hauls it all!

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