Dry Van Trailer vs Conestoga Trailer Shipping

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Single handedly the most popular flatbed trailer you see being pulled behind a semi-truck these days is known as the dry van trailer. The dry in the name comes from the trailer’s ability to keep your goods and products protected from the elements or road debris. These flatbed trailers keep your goods protected because they are essentially an enclosed box permanently connected to a trailer. Generally a dry van trailer is designed to be loaded from the rear of the trailer and in some circumstances some trailers may be loaded from the side. The flatbed trailers main design is to be used in conjunction with a loading dock, the truck backs up to the loading dock and is loaded and unloaded from the back.

Potential Problems with a Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed Dry Van Trailer

While being one of the staples for most transportation of goods and products in the industry, a common flatbed is not always the choice needed for your transportation needs. What if your cargo needs to be loaded from the side of the trailer or the use of a crane is needed to place the cargo on the trailer? If that’s the case then the typical dry van trailer will not work for your situation. Another choice could certainly be a flatbed trailer, but what if your cargo needs to be protected from the elements, or road debris? Then what you need is a Conestoga trailer.

How is Conestoga Trailer Shipping Different?

Empty Conestoga Trailer

A Conestoga trailer is unique, it starts with a flatbed frame trailer, which makes loading and unloading a variety of ways easy, securing a flatbed trailer is also convenient too, it allows the ability to secure loads from several groups of palletized loads to large oversized equipment. But what really makes a Conestoga trailer unique is its use of a rolling tarp-on-frame system. It is made for protecting oversized and specialized loads, keeping them safe from the elements without compromising delicate machinery, paint, finishes or other features of your cargo that might be damaged if a tarp is simply thrown over the load.

Should You Choose a Dry Van Trailer or Conestoga Trailer Shipping?

Loaded Conestoga Trailer

While the dry van trailer still remains as the top used trailer for transportation in the shipping industry, the specific need for a trailer such as the Conestoga trailer still remains as a need for certain shipments and cargo.
You can check our Conestoga Truckload Rates here. Cargo that needs to remain protected from the elements like a dry van trailer would keep it, but all the abilities of a flat bed trailer when it comes to loading, unloading and securing your cargo to the trailer.

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