The Day and Life of a Freight Truck Driver

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A day in the life of a freight truck driver….                                     

You may think being a truck driver is a thankless job, and in many ways, you are right! The crazy hours, insane traffic, and leaving your family for the open road isn’t for the faint of heart. Although the wicked cool landscapes, different types of freight I haul, being my own boss, and zoning out on my best playlists is what I was born to do… and nothing beats the look you get from big smiling kids as they are pumping their arms, and beckoning for you to honk your horn!

Truck drivers get paid to travel the world, or our fine corner of it anyway! There’s nothing like a sunrise coming over the mountains as you make your way home! Empty load and pay check richer, I arrive home in time for breakfast. My kids would probably be tired of me if I was around everyday. I’d be old news or that’s just Dad. But MY time home is special! Like a holiday, or so I’d like to think. My kids are so excited I’m home for a few days that they beg not to go to school. I provide for my family and get to be the super hero for it! As far as jobs go, I could do a whole lot worse but I LOVE my time on the open road as a truck driver.

That’s not to say we don’t have it rough. Maybe just a different kind of rough from you regular inside jobs folks. The traffic alone at times, can make you want to aim your truck right at that little red Honda with boundary issues! Or to not try so hard to stop as someone tries to squeeze in front of you in a whole row of traffic, thinking you can just stop on a dime! There at up and downs to it all but keeping a calm head and being able to laugh it off, this can be the best job in the world, For some, Beware though…You will not survive without an excellent set of musical companionship!

Here’s a tip, my favorite road game, it is also my boy’s favorite when I am home but we try not to play with the wife! (She thinks we are mean!) So this will help you with your own road rage at home. You have it. I have it. All good drivers have a sliver of it. It comes from the infuriation of these knobs with driver licenses! Cursing down the road, 5 miles over the limit and someone pulls out in front of you and decides that’s too darn fast. Play the guess the driver game!!  “Bet it’s an old lady Dad!” Is the funniest thing you will hear your kid say when it turns to two lanes and he’s right! This will also help you laugh off the urge to shoulder someone off the road!


Happy Trails My Friends!

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