Covered wagon trucking?

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Have you ever heard of someone refer to a truck and trailer as covered wagons? What they are most likely referring to are side kit trailers, usually they are called this because they have removable sides on a flat bed trailer with a bow covering that can be used over the top, making it resemble a covered wagon. There are several reasons why side kit trailers are so versatile in the trucking industry. Let’s start with the base of a side kit trailer setup, the flatbed trailer. A flatbed trailer is one of the most common used trailers in the industry and that’s because they can be setup to carry almost anything. From equipment, to cargo pallets, steel pipe, vehicles, machinery, the list goes on and on. But if we can get our load secured to the flatbed trailer then why do we need the additional side kit option? The side kit trailer comes into play when we want to protect our cargo from the elements during transportation. With enclosed sides and roof, your cargo will stay safe from wind, rain, damage from the sun; the kits can even help hold your cargo in place.

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What are some of the main uses for side kit trailers? These trailers are great for hauling grains, crop materials, corn, watermelons, and soy beans because they wont be damaged under there own weight, and keeping the crop materials secured in place and safe from moisture is all that is needed during its travel. And with the addition of a waterproof tarp, the goods will stay safe from water and even infestation. Some other examples of cargo hauled by side kit trailers; engines, heavy machinery, metal coils, or items that don’t necessarily need to go into a crate. The great thing about the side kit trailer is being able to load heavy item from the side of the trailer with the use of a forklift, but then being able to enclose your shipment from the elements! That is why the side kit trailer is one of the most versatile trailer systems used today, you can secure your load to the flatbed trailer the surround your cargo with side kit and roof. It’s easy to use and can be configured so many different ways to haul and protect your shipments!

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